VFD Control Panel Box for VFD Centrifuge

Classified by drive mode, Decanting Centrifuge has different models, like hydraulic drive, electric drive and also magnetic drive. Different drive model has different advantages and disadvantages. Hydraulic drive centrifuge can be started very smoothly, with less noise and less friction. But once some problems arise, it is very hard to maintenance. Electric drive is not that smooth when starting, but is easier for maintenance for trouble shooting, so that lead to less cost.

Some remarks:

FHD: Full Hydraulic Drive ; VFD: Variable Frequency Drive;  Magna: Magnetic Drive

VFD control panel for VFD centrifuge

1. FHD Decanting Centrifuge, Derrick equipment brand

The Derrick DE-1000™ FHD™ (Full Hydraulic Drive) can handle a wide variety of applications. This unit is designed for centrifuge duties where the feed characteristics are either unknown or variable. Proven in the field, this machine has processed twenty pound per gallon weighted oil field mud as well as flocculated ultrafine solids slurries. The bowl assembly is capable of rotating at any speed from 0 to 3400 RPM, producing an internal centrifugal acceleration in excess of 2300 G’s.

2. VFD Decanting Centrifuge, GN Solids Control brand

GNLW363VFD is centrifuge with electric drive, VFD control panel box. The box is used to control the variable speed. By offering VFD control panel for this centrifuge, it will reach to a variable speed from 0-3200 RPM.

3. Magna Decanting Centrifuge, MI-Swaco brand

The M-I SWACO MAGNA Centrifuge employs magnetic drives and couplings to make it the safer to operate than any comparable unit. The magnetic drives and couplings of the MAGNA Centrifuge the traditional hydraulic or variable-frequency drives. Magnetic couplings are well-suited to the rig site as they do not require an external power source, thereby reducing the risk of sparking. They also provide a relatively small footprint, which is highly valuable in an offshore environment where space is at a premium.

GN big bowl centrifuge GNLW553VFD

Although there are some differences on working principle, especially on drive model, the treating effect is almost the same. Considering we need decanting centrifuge working many years for work, that means convenient trouble shooting is necessary. In this way, VFD centrifuge may be your best option.

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