Vacuum Collection System for drilling cutting

Together with Vacuum Collection System, Screw conveyor is also applied for collection of drilling cuttings? What is their difference in function?

Screw conveyor is the main equipment to collect drill cuttings from solids control equipments, in actual application, vacuum unit is used to transfer the cuttings from one screw conveyor to another, then the 2ndscrew conveyor transfer the cuttings to cutting dryer. Otherwise the position ofshould be higher than the inlet of cutting dryer, or the position of cutting dryer should be very low, it is not convenient to locate them in site.

drilling waste management

drilling waste management

The M-I SWACO vacuum collection system consists of Cuttings Collection Boxes, a Rig Vacuum Tank, a vacuum rotary hopper and a Vacuum Power Skid. It has the advantages of being a totally contained system powerful enough to transport both fluids and cuttings vertically as well as horizontally over fairly long distances. Modular and adaptable, the system minimizes the amount of floor space required for operation. Further, once on-line, the system does not interrupt the drilling operation.

The vacuum collection system collects, stores and moves drilling cuttings within a totally enclosed environment, minimizing spills and contamination. The M-I SWACO vacuum collection system is based on state-of-the-art vacuum technology. The vacuum transfer method offers a safe and reliable alternative to many cuttings recovery processes now commonly used offshore. It is field-proven and cost effective as well as simple to rig up and operate.

GN also designed standard oilfield screw conveyor, now we are developing vacuum unit, welcome to inquiry us for the drilling cutting collection solution.

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