Vacu-flo Degassers For sale

GN has 6 units of vacu-flo degassers for sale, with electricity 440V/60HZ, 3phase, explosion proof and flame proof. It is well packaged and ready for shipment. If you have requirement on Vacu-flo degassers or vacuum degassers for your drilling mud system, pls contact GN immediately.

Technical specs of Vacu-flo degassers for sale

Vacu-flo Degassers

Vacu-flo Degassers



Main diameter










Motor power


Vacuum Power


 Rotary speed






Note: You do not need feed pump for GN vacu-flo degasser.

A vacu-flo degasser is used widely in oil &gas drilling mud system, is essential to safe and productive drilling operations. Gas present in the well bore can reduce the hydrostatic head in the well bore-with the potential for even greater gas influx and possible blow-out. Regardless of the composition of the gas encountered, there can be pressure and volume problems in pumps and hydrocyclones.

Since gas is partically insoluble in water,it is relatively easy to detect and remove. By comparison, gas is readily soluble in oil based mud- its detection is more difficult as well as its removal.


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