Vacu-Flo Degassers in stock

GN has 6 units of Vavc-Flo degassers in stock, their specs as below:

Model: GNCQ270

vacu-flo degasser

vacu-flo degasser

Flow Rate:1200gpm

Total power: 22+3KW

Dimension:2000 length x 1000 width x 1670mm height


All of them are brand new and with electricity 440V/60HZ, 3 phase, explosion proof. We can change the voltage according to your requirement.

GNCQ270 Vacu-Flo degasser V.S. Derrick Vacu-Flo 1200

Their flow rate is same, just the dimension and weight is different. The most different is that GNCQ270 vaco-flo degasser do not need feeding pump.

Vacu-Flo Degasser normally called vacuum degasser. It uses the suction of the vacuum pump to establish an under balanced pressure area in the vacuum cylinder and causes the drilling fluid into the hollow shaft of the rotator through suction pipe under the atmosphere pressure, and then lets the fluid spray to the walls of the cylinder from the windows on the hollow shaft, now the gas bubble cut in the mud may break and run off in the function of vacuum pump suction to a safe area due to the fluid collision and bubble separator. However, the mud will enter the drainage cavity forced by its self-weight and pass the rotator and discharge off the cylinder. In addition, drilling mud can enter the pump cylinder only through the suction pipe, and can’t be sucked in through the discharge pipe because the vacuum pump and the master motor are started simultaneously and the rotator connected to the motor will revolve at a high speed too.

Welcome to contact GN solids control for the Vacu-Flow Degasser/vacuum degasser in stock if you are interested. They are ready for shipment.


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