Trenchless mud purification system sold to engineering company

Recently, four sets of customized 120m³/h purification systems produced by our company have been assembled and debugged, and will soon be sent to a domestic non-excavation directional drilling customer like HDD/CBM/TBM. Generally speaking, each drilling rig needs to be equipped with a set of corresponding mud purification system corresponding to the drill pipe diameter and tonnage of the rig. The goal of the mud recovery system is to separate the soil and gravel in the drilling fluid mud, and then ensure that the mud can be recycled, so as to save costs and protect the environment. The trenchless mud recovery system of the GN Solids Control brand has the advantages of compact structure, reasonable design, convenient transportation, small footprint, and high treatment efficiency. It is widely used in urban infrastructure construction such as trenchless directional crossing and mud-water balance roof. Mud treatment of pipes, shields, piling and other processes.

The standard trenchless mud recovery machine system consists of mud recovery equipment, mud mixing equipment and mud collection tanks. Unlike the mud recovery device in the oil and gas drilling industry, trenchless drilling first discharges the mud back to the mud pit on the ground, and then uses a vertically installed submerged mud pump to transport the mud to the mud recovery system. Most drilling rigs will use a three-stage Purification system, shale shaker, sand removal, mud removal, and gradual removal of rock debris and solid waste. If there is a higher separation requirement, we will add a centrifuge to the system as a fourth-stage processing equipment that can control the solid particle diameter of the slurry to 5-10 microns.

The size of the mud tank usually depends on the size of the drilling rig and the volume of the adapted mud. The mud tank is equipped with a stirrer and a mud gun to stir the mud to suspend the solids in the mud. In order to configure a suitable slurry, a jet mixing system is needed to add chemicals to maintain the properties of the slurry. GN Solids Control high-standard mud recovery system has different sizes and design schemes, and is widely used in oil and gas drilling, trenchless drilling, piling, TBM and other projects.If you are interested about our product, welcome contact us

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