Treatment of centrifuge drum plugging failure

GN GNLW series of mud centrifuges, also known as horizontal spiral discharge sedimentation centrifuge, mud centrifuge, is aiming at the characteristics of drilling mud, mud slurry recovery system designed for solid-liquid separation dedicated solid control equipment for oil and gas drilling mud , Sludge dewatering, particle size grading, food protein, starch, kaolin, natural gas desulfurization sludge, waste oil purification and other industries. The removal of fine solids, the reduction of solid content in the solid-liquid mixture, the control of drilling mud density, viscosity, ensuring drilling fluid performance and rapid drilling are all important.

Drilling mud centrifuge

Clogging a reason: centrifuge work process, due to the pump flow is too large, or suddenly increased suction density of the mud, causing the auxiliary motor trip, resulting in centrifuge blockage.


Blockage two reasons: Centrifuge shutdown, did not follow the rules carefully, there is no flushing, or flushing is not clean, resulting in centrifuge blockage.


If you start the auxiliary motor, if the differential, the drum followed by auxiliary motor rotation, and faster and faster, indicating that the material between the drum and the auger rinse is not complete or even blocked, can’t start the main motor, in this way Centrifuge to overcome blockage; material should be cleaned between drum and auger.


The specific method is: remove the shield, stuck with a pipe clamp Auxiliary motor coupling, to both positive and negative force, not to be brute force to prevent the differential ruined. Can also be injected into the slurry into the pipe, for 12 hours soaking, to help turn the motor coupling.


Open the collection box to clean up:


Per three days, the collection box should be opened for inspection and cleaning. The wear-resistant sleeve, scraper and end scraper on the slag outlet of the mainframe are both fragile and should be used with special care.

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