The damage of oil sludge drilling waste

With oil&gas drilling work going,more sludge come out,and many company want to solve it,and contact GN,we are trying to supply suitable product and solution


The oil & gas demand increased year by year. Many countries increased offshore/onshore oil and gas development efforts, while a large number of mining also caused serious environmental become bad, to keep balance of development and environmental. In the development process, oil-based mud, hydraulic fracturing and other development methods will cause high pollution.the company and local government should treat it seriously


Solid hazard:

It will take up large area of valuable land if the sludge is bulky and directly discharged without treatment.also pollutes the surrounding soil/water/air. If stored in the open air, the sludge will directly pollute the land and the crude oil will cause damaging pollution to the surrounding vegetation.not adviced,and the quantity of solid part is not small

Gas hazards:

Sludge is associated with the formation of foul gases and can contaminate the surrounding soil, water and air. In the event of a fire, open-air stored sludge will burn with toxic gases such as sulfur and cause serious air pollution, The physical health poses a serious threat.the damage gas will effect cillage and city directly if didn’t do prepare

Other hazards:

The mud contains a large number of pathogens, parasites (eggs), copper, zinc, chromium, mercury and other heavy metals, salts and PCBs, dioxins, radionuclides and other toxic and harmful substances is difficult to degradation, serious pollution and the surrounding damage to the environment.also the damage’s continue time is very long,

As solids control equipment manufacturer,GN will try supply suitable product to keep environment better

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