Technical difference of decanter centrifuge

Analyzing the current status of my country’s existing decanter centrifuge manufacturing industry, it is understandable that my country’s centrifuge manufacturing process technology and foreign centrifuge manufacturing, new technology research and development, especially the reliability, stability, service life, assembly accuracy, and flexibility of operation There is still a certain technological gap in aspects such as sex, humanity, and the application of certain new technologies. However, these technological gaps are also gradually shrinking with my country’s independent R&D and manufacturing capabilities, product innovation capabilities, and R&D capital investment. At present, this gap is gradually narrowing.

Obviously, GN Solids Control’s centrifuge manufacturing process and technological innovation are in The domestic GN Solids Control decanter centrifuge has begun to stand at the forefront of the domestic decanter centrifuge manufacturing industry, and has become a leader in the technological innovation and manufacturing process of domestic centrifuges. GN Solids Control has a variety of decanter centrifuge types, each of which has different functions for separating materials. For example, GN Solids Control GNLW series centrifuges are used to separate oil and gas drilling fluid produced during drilling. The centrifugal high-speed operation can realize the separation of drilling fluid, and it has the characteristics of high speed, long life and obvious separation effect. GN Solids Control Decanter Centrifuge has undergone many years of technical updates and changes in structure and technology. Especially it uses high-quality wear-resistant alloy materials to protect the screw pusher. The working conditions are often timed and easy to maintain and replace. , The advantages are more obvious.


Decanter centrifuges my country has gone through more than 50 years of technological development from the introduction of decanter centrifuges internationally to the present independent research and development and manufacturing. However, there are not many manufacturers dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of decanter centrifuge technology. Most companies in my country are based on the replication of foreign products, often lacking independent R&D and technological innovation capabilities. GN Solids Control P series decanter centrifuges are usually used to remove liquid from solid materials. It is suitable for the separation of materials that are easy to separate, large particles, large solid-liquid density difference, low viscosity, high concentration, large processing capacity, and higher dryness than clarity requirements. It is used in petrochemical, agriculture, food, environmental protection waste treatment, and biology In the fields of medicine, health, etc., the sedimentation speed of different materials under the action of the centrifugal force field will have different centrifugal force differences, so as to realize the solid phase separation, liquid-liquid separation of materials. Since the centrifuge has been used, among the separation factors, the rotation speed has undergone a transition from low speed to high speed. From the perspective of rotation speed, the rotation speed of the decanter centrifuge can be divided into low speed, medium speed, and high speed centrifuge adjustment ranges. The equipment has low speed, medium speed and high speed centrifuges. The speed characteristics of the machine, the equipment system is composed of several parts such as a motor drive system, a circulating cooling system, a mechanical system, a rotating drum and a PLC control. Compared with a floor-standing centrifuge, the size and capacity are different.

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