Tank bottom sludge treatment equipment sold to Guangdong customers

Recently, GN Solids Control completed the production and commissioning of a 5m3/h oily sludge treatment system and prepared to send it to Guangdong for the oil sludge reduction treatment project.


This oil sludge treatment system consists of the following modules:

1) Heating premixed and tempered tank

2) Shale shaker module

3) Horizontal screw centrifugal separation module

4) Three-phase disc oil-water separation module (slope plate separation separation, oil-water separator, disc centrifuge, etc.)

5) Dosing system processing module


The solid phase oil content after treatment by GN Solids Control sludge system can be controlled within 3%, the total water solid content in the recovered oil can be controlled within 3%, and the oil content in the recovered water is within 3%, which can greatly reduce the solid phase material. The oil content rate reduces the total amount of materials to be treated, and also provides the maximum reduction guarantee for the later biodegradation, thermal desorption and other processes, and improves the treatment efficiency of oily sludge.

In order to better meet the customer’s requirements and provide the most effective sludge disposal solutions, we need our customers to answer the following questions:

Source and type of waste (drilling, refining, or other?)

Waste composition, oil content, water content, solid content?

What is the maximum particle size of the solid? Is there a solid particle size distribution?

Solid phase requirements, liquid phase requirements, use of processed materials?

For more information on GN Solids Control sludge handling equipment, please feel free to contact us.

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