Solution and equipment for environment protect work

Environmental pollutants such as drilling oil field, industrial slurry and chemical, degrade the soil and groundwater when not properly managed. When soil and groundwater pollution occur happen, these anthropological impacts in most cases leads to irreversible damage to the environment and many techniques can be used to remediate the contaminated soils and groundwater to a state which is fit for use or purpose. So people should make sure we protect the environment at all cost. It is far more cheaper to do so than paying heavily to restore the impacted environment to its native state.


As equipment manufacture, GN Solids Control already have various equipment work for environment protect or waste management work. Below is some of GN equipment.


  1. Complete set of oil sludge treatment system

GN complete set of oily sludge treatment equipment uses heating chemical hot washing technology to process oily sludge, recover oil and water, and reduce oil content of solid waste to 2%. The main equipment includes: sludge vibrating screen, sludge solid-liquid separation decanter centrifuge, three-phase oil-water residue separator.


  1. Big drum sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge

The big bowl decanter centrifuge provides an efficient and large-volume sludge dewatering treatment solution. It occupies a small area, has a large processing capacity, has a high-efficiency processing effect and a high degree of automation.


  1. Solid/sludge vacuum pump

GN solid/sludge vacuum pump is a pneumatic vacuum suction, positive pressure pneumatic conveying pump. Strong suction capacity and long discharge distance. It can be used for conveying solids, solid-liquid mixtures, sludge, etc. Commonly used in the fields of sludge pit suction, solid waste transportation, kitchen waste treatment, river dredging and other fields.


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