Solids Control Equipment for 1000hp oil drilling rig

GN Solids Control is China leading solids control equipment manufacturer with over 70% sales amount from overseas market. The annual sales amount for shale shaker & mud cleaner is over 250 sets; the annual sales for decanter centrifuge is over 150sets; the annual sales for mud agitator & mud gun is over 400sets; the annual sales amount for shaker screen is over 10000pcs, including replacement screen for Derrick 500/2000 PWP/PMD screen, replacement screen for Swaco Mongoose screen, replacement screen for NOV Brandt King cobra screen.

At the ending of last year, GN get big order from Africa & Europe. The Africa customer buy one sets 3500bbl mud tanks system for mud storage and service for over 3 land rigs; Another company from Europe buy 3 sets 1000hp oil drilling rig solids control mud system after checking the performance of 750hp rig mud system from GN Solids Control.

solids control equipment

The solids control equipment for 1000hp oil drilling rig including:

  • 1nos poor boy degasser
  • 6nos shale shaker GNZS594 with 4pcs composite material shaker screen which is replacement for Swaco Mongoose PT shaker.
  • 3nos mud cleaner with same deck shaker as GNZS594
  • 3nos Vacuum degasser for better performance and remove cut gas
  • 1nos Low Speed Decanter Centrifuge for barite recovery
  • 1nos High speed decanter centrifuge for mud weight cutting
  • 17nos mud agitator with double impellers
  • 15nos mud gun with 360° rotation degree
  • 4nos submersible slurry pump
  • 10nos centrifugal pump including feeding pump for desander cones & desilter cones, trip pump, mixing pump, shear pump etc.
  • 120pcs shaker screen
  • 7nos mud tank including 3 shaker tank & 1 centrifuge tank & 1 active tank & 1 suction tank & 1mixing tank.

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GN Solids Control is professional solids control equipment supplier. With reliable equipment & timely after sales service team, GN brand is becoming good frame in oil drilling & HDD & CBM & TBM & water well drilling field. We cherish our good brand and cherish very customer. GN Solids Control will ever support the market with high quality equipment & service. Pls contact us freely.

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