Sludge treatment system process

Since the successful development of the oily sludge treatment system in 2014, GN Solids Control has successfully cooperated with nearly 16 companies worldwide and has sold nearly 30 units/set of oil-containing sludge treatment systems of 2 to 20 cubic meters per hour.

The containerized oily sludge treatment system is composed of a containerized system specially designed by GN i designers in combination with years of experience in oily sludge treatment systems, and the production of GN Company in the manufacture of oily sludge treatment system equipment. The department adopts the industry-leading pickling, passivation and hot-dip galvanizing process, and adopts high-pressure airless spraying equipment to greatly improve the wear-resisting and anti-corrosion effect of the product itself.

GN oily sludge treatment system adaptation area:


1) Waste tank bottom sludge, oil sands, oily sewage generated by crude oil tank clearing tank construction;

2) sludge, oil sands, etc. from the abandoned oil pool of the refinery;

3) Waste oil-based drilling fluid produced by oil and gas drilling, on-site floor sludge, oil sands, etc.;


The containerized oily sludge treatment system produced by GN is customized according to customer needs. This system mainly consists of oily sludge vacuum pump, premixed tank, shale shaker system, centrifuge separation system, dosing flocculation system, oil-water separation system, Oil tanks, water tanks, containers, etc., oily sludge contains a large amount of oily benzene, phenols, strontium, barium and other odorous toxic substances. GN Company uses centrifugal separation to centrifuge oily sludge. The two phases are separated, and the separated liquid phase is an oil-water mixture. The oil-water mixture is then transferred to a three-phase disc machine for oil-water separation. After the customer has specified the relevant parameters in the previous process of dewatering of the oily sludge, the temperature of the oily sludge, the amount of the breaker and the flocculant are used, which is more conducive to the GN technicians’ handling of the containerized oily sludge treatment system. technological design


Special note: Oily sludge is passed through GN mechanical separation equipment and needs to be combined with suitable chemicals and heat treatment. Different materials and different chemical agents will have different actual processing amounts and treatment effects. There may be deviations in the throughput of the device from the amount of drug used.


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