Sand Pumping Equipment

Sand pump is a major sand pump equipment, also is a very important part in solids control system. It is judge by these factors: flow, lift power, speed, efficiency.

Usually it is featured like this:

sand pumping equipment

And it is always used here in drilling mud circulation system as a drilling fluids pumping equipment:

korea hdd mud cleaning system

In solids control system, it is always used to send drilling fluids which is mixed with drilling cuttings and drilling mud, from one tank to another tank, to keep the circulation of the drilling mud system.

You can get one example of  sand pumping equipment- SB Sand Pump Technical Parameters:

Model Flow Lift Power Speed Efficiency
SB8×6-14 320m3/h 40m 75KW 1480r/min 65%
SB8×6-13 240m3/h 35m 55KW 1480r/min 64%
SB8×6-12 216m3/h 30m 45KW 1470r/min 64%
SB6×5-14 200m3/h 40m 55KW 1480r/min 62%
SB6×5-13 180m3/h 35m 45KW 1470r/min 60%
SB6×5-12 200m3/h 30m 37KW 1460r/min 62%
SB5×4-14 120m3/h 40m 37KW 1460r/min 56%
SB5×4-13 90m3/h 40m 30KW 1460r/min 56%
SB4×3-12 60m3/h 20m 11KW 1450r/min 54%
SB4×3-11 40m3/h 20m 7.5KW 1450r/min 49

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