Rotary rig equipments for sale

GN solids control is specialist of solids control equipments for rotary rig in China, we have various kinds of mud equipments in stock, welcome to inquiry us.

Rotary rigs drill the vast majority of wells today, including all medium and deep wells. The rotary rig consists of four major systems. These include the engines, and the hoisting, rotating, and mud systems.

rotary rig equipments

rotary rig equipments

General of drilling mud(drilling fluids)

Common drilling mud is made of bentonite clay. A heavier drilling mud can be made by adding barite. Various chemicals are also used in different situations. The drilling mud liquid is usually water but is sometimes oil-based. Drilling mud are described by weight. Water weighs 8.3 pounds per gallon. Average bentonite drilling mud weighs from 9 to 10 ppg. Heavy drilling mud weighs from 15 to 20 pounds per gallon. The heavier the drilling mud, the greater the pressure it exerts on the bottom of the well.

Fluid is circulated while the drilling proceeds. Powerful pumps move the fluid down to the pipe, through the bit and back to the surface, carrying the cuttings and other debris with it. Thus, on a rotary rig , drilling can be continuous as stopping to bail the cuttings is no longer required.  The drilling mud also stabilizes the walls of the hole.

Mud circulation system for rotary rig

Drilling mud is stored in steel mud pits beside the rig. The drilling mud then flows down through the hollow rotating drill string and jets out through holes in the drilling bit on the bottom of the well. The drilling mud picks cuttings from the bottom of the well. It flows up the well in the space between the rotating drill string and well walls.

Drilling mud serves several purposes. The mud removes cuttings from the bottom of the well. As the mud flows across the bit, it cleans cuttings from the teeth. The drilling mud cools the bit from heat generated by the friction of drilling. The drilling mud also controls pressures in the well and prevents blowouts.

GN solids control have designed and manufactured many sets of mud circulation system for rotary rig, both for oil & gas drilling and workover operation. From 250HP to 3000HP land rig, we can provide customized solution for land rig drilling.

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