800gpm mud cleaner for HDD

Last month GN shipped 2 sets of 800gpm mud cleaner to a China Government Company for HDD project. They checked our complete mud system taken to CIPPE, and would like to request 2 sets similar one with small changes.

Now we have standard HDD mud system( mud cleaner) with standard equipments and specs for  150gpm, 350gpm, 500gpm, 800gpm, 1000gpm. Clients can make smaller changes according to his separate requirement.

800gpm mud cleaner for HDD

800gpm mud cleaner for HDD

To make some changes, such system can be used for water well drilling, coal bed methane, geothermal well drilling, diamond drilling, core drilling etc projects. So sometimes clients ask us to make a system with 2 functions( can be used for 2 different projects, and can meet the flow rate requirement for each project). So they can save cost for another set mud cleaner.

How to design the mud tank for the mud cleaner?

1 confirm type of the mud tank, trailer mounted, skid mounted or Hydraulic lift type.

2   confirm the dimension of the mud tank

  You need to consider 3aspects, 1 required storage capacity  2 transportation limit in Client’s country 3 international shipments limit, by container, by bulk cargo or by flat rack container.

3 confirm the qty of the mud tank(according to required mud storage capacity and equipments required place)

4 how many compartments for each tank( according to equipments and function of each compartment)

5 layout of the equipments on the tank

In some countries government regulation is a impediment of the mud system import. For example, In Brazil all the equipments should include 70% at least of the local share, Foreign country can only share 30%. For example in Argentina, government also have special regulation to make it difficult to import mud tank from China, some clients choose to make the tank locally and import equipments only. Our equipments can be suitable for all the possibilities.

Welcome to contact GN for more info of 800gpm mud cleaner. We will provide complete proposal with process drawing and specs.

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