Why is removing solids from drilling mud so important?

If you want to know why is removing solids from drilling mud so important, we can get more questions, but these questions help us to solve this question.

Firstly, we should know where is the solids from.

HA, when we drilling, the drilling mud take them out.

What is the mud’s function?

OK, so we get one more question, what the mud do in solids control system, i.e. what is the mud’s function. You can see How Drilling Mud Work In Solids Control System And Drilling Rig that I write before. I will list the main function again:

Remove cuttings from well
Suspend and release cuttings
Control formation pressures
Seal permeable formations
Maintain wellbore stability
Minimizing formation damage
Cool, lubricate, and support the bit and drilling assembly
Transmit hydraulic energy to tools and bit
Ensure adequate formation evaluation
Control corrosion (in acceptable level)
Facilitate cementing and completion

And then we can find the answer: We must get high quality drilling mud to ensure the drilling process.

COST of drilling mud and environment friendship

But why don’t we produce some new mud, here we go, I have the same question.

The answer is only one word—COST. The cost of produce new drilling mud is higher than this, it is just an economic choice.

Removing solids from drilling mud limit the cost and what’s more important, it’s good to the environment.

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