Jul 13

The mud water separation system is an economical purification system that separates solids from the drilling mud. It is mainly used in the construction piling project to remove the coarse particles in the mud. The recovered mud is pumped back to the pile driver for reuse.

Recently, GN Solids Control has just completed the assembly and factory test of nearly 10 500gpm throughput piling water separation systems. The picture shown here is a photo of the batch of equipment waiting to be shipped.

Advantages of piling mud water separation system

1. A variety of purification processes are highly integrated – the piling mud-water separation system consists of a coarse particle separation process and a Desander/Desilter separation process. After the mud enters the piling mud water separation system, the coarse particles are first sieved out using a vibrating sieve. The liquid will be pumped to the Desander/Desilter unit for fine particle separation. The piling mud water separation system has a built-in pump system, a buffer tank, and an electronic control system. A variety of purification process designs enable the system to separate fine particles to meet user needs.


2. Compact design – The piling mud water separation system is a combined device for gradually separating large particles and fine particles. Considering the limitation of the working area, the piling mud-water separation system has a small footprint and is easy to move in the urban interior space. For large-capacity active mud storage, users can make additional tanks that are easily connected to the piling mud-water separation system.

In order to provide users with a better piling solution, GN Solids Control has also developed a sloping plate settling system that settles the liquid discharged from the Desander/Desilter unit to make the liquid clearer. Compared with the sedimentation centrifuge, the inclined plate settlement system is a solution with high flow rate and low cost. In the sloping plate settling system, fine particles will settle to the bottom and then pump out through the diaphragm pump.

More and more piling contractors are considering the use of two piling mud separation systems and then a sloping plate settling system to achieve a low cost, cost effective solution.

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Jul 07

Recently, GN Solids Control completed an in-plant test run of an automated tank Cleaning system. Customers from South America watched the workflow and successfully accepted the automatic cleaning system. The system will be shipped later.

As a professional manufacturer of solid-liquid separation equipment, GN Solids Control covers a wide range of products for the solid-liquid separation industry. The automatic can washing system is actually used to separate the solids from the cleaning mud to achieve the effect of recycling the water.

How the GN Solids Control automatic clearing system works

The GN Solids Control automatic clearing system is designed for automatic tank cleaning. After receiving the solid slurry with high solid content, the solid and liquid in the sedimentation tank are separated, and the built-in chemical dosing system adds flocculant to the slurry to accelerate the collection and precipitation of fine particles. The separated water will overflow and then fall into the storage tank for reuse.

Part of the GN Solids Control automatic clearing system:

1. Mud Collection Pump – At the beginning of the system, the flushing mud is delivered to the settling tank using an electric vacuum pump. The pump is connected to a lever sensor in the settling tank and can be automatically fed and stopped.

2. Sloping plate clarification tank——The sedimentation tank is a sloping plate clarification tank. There are multiple sloping plates in the clarification tank, and the spacing between the two sloping plates is even. These panels have a 55 degree sloping floor so that solids can settle quickly along the slab to the bottom of the clarifier.

3. Chemical Dosing System – The automatic cleaning tank system is equipped with a chemical mixing tank and a dosing pump. A flocculant can be made here and pumped to a precipitator for fine particle collection and precipitation.

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Apr 19

The complete oil-based sludge treatment system recently produced by GN Solids Control is ready for delivery. GN Solids Control has injected more essence into the quality assurance and technology of the oil sludge treatment system. The complete oil sludge treatment system is now available. Successful operation in many countries at home and abroad, oily sludge treatment system is widely used in waste sludge oil sands generated by crude oil tank cleaning, waste sludge oil sands in refineries, drilling waste oil sands and other fields, bringing many customers Good economic and social benefits have won the favor and praise of our customers.

The oil-containing sludge treatment system mainly includes: the heating pre-mixing tank system is mainly pre-mixed by heating and chemical demulsifier, and then pumped into the vibrating screen for large particle sieving treatment. The oil slick system mainly extracts the oil from the upper part according to the principle of gravity settlement. The solid-control separation system is mainly the sieve separation of the shale shaker and the two-phase separation of the centrifuge. Based on the state of the sludge on the part of the site, it may be necessary to add a chemical before entering the centrifuge. The secondary cleaning tank and the secondary separation centrifuge are mainly The material is further washed and further separated by two phases. The three-phase disc separation centrifuge mainly separates oil, water and mud. The oil-water separator mainly separates the oil and water. The oil and water will overflow to the corresponding buffer tank respectively. The oil pump and the pump will clean the oil and water. Delivered to tanks and tanks. The water purification equipment is to further purify the water again.

The complete oil-containing sludge treatment system produced by GN Solids Control is specially designed for the treatment of sludge oil sands. Customers are welcome to come and consult. More question,welcome contact GN solids control

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Apr 12

The shale shaker and solid-controlled decanter centrifuge produced by GN SOLIDS CONTROL are sold to Russia, and the shale shaker and solid-controlled decanter centrifuge will be sent to the Russian oil field for drilling mud treatment. This time, Russian customers learned about the shale shaker and solid-controlled decanter centrifuge products, and chose to cooperate with GN SOLIDS CONTROL to sign a procurement contract. It took only a short time. Russian customers learned about equipment and compared with domestic counterparts. After that, I believe GN SOLIDS CONTROL has advantages in the domestic oil drilling industry and solid-liquid separation.


The shale shaker and solid-control decanter centrifuge produced by GN SOLIDS CONTROL can provide different processing capabilities and customized products according to the needs of customers. shale shaker and solid-controlled decanter centrifuge are the first-level solidification of oil drilling mud solid control system. Phase control equipment and four-stage solid-phase control equipment, GN SOLIDS CONTROL produces a wide range of shale shaker, which can be applied to mud processing of trenchless HDD, water wells and mining core drilling to meet the compact separation of small throughput. The requirements of the purification system can also be applied to oil and gas drilling, large-scale non-excavation drilling rigs, and screening treatment in industrial separation, which can meet the requirements of large-capacity mud system. The double-layer sieve produced by the company can also be applied to the screening treatment of piling shield construction mud treatment and industrial multi-stage separation. The solid-controlled decanter centrifuge produced by GN SOLIDS CONTROL separates the drilling suspension according to the principle of centrifugal sedimentation. The suspension enters the drum from the feeding tube through the liquid outlet hole of the auger, and the solid phase particles are under the action of centrifugal force. It is pushed to the inner wall of the drum, and is pushed out to the small end of the drum by the blades on the auger, and the liquid phase overflows through the overflow hole at the big end of the drum. This continuous cycle, in order to achieve the purpose of continuous separation, can be very good to meet customer site requirements.

GN SOLIDS CONTROL wholeheartedly welcomes friends who are interested in our products to visit our factory and negotiate cooperation intentions. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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Apr 07

Recently, GN Solids Control completed the manufacturing orders for a batch of solid control equipment from customers in Uzbekistan. These devices are now undergoing final factory inspection and test operations, and these devices will then be sent to Uzbekistan. Today we take a look at what GN Solids Control has for customers that are designed for use in solid-state equipment operating at low temperatures and cold temperatures.


Shale Shaker and mud cleaners are the first and second stage separation devices in the solids control system. It is understood that the drilling fluid used is back from a large number of drilling debris in the well. A vibrating screen is used to remove coarse chips from the drilling fluid. The mud cleaner of the subsequent equipment is to separate finer-sized cuttings.

A vibrating screen is a solid particle separation device that separates the liquid phase from the liquid phase based on the diameter of the cuttings and the pores on the screen. The mud cleaner uses a centrifugal principle to separate solids and liquids.

GN-type cuttings vibrating screen and mud purifiers are the leading solid-state control equipments in China and have the following advantages.

1. The structure of the vibrating screen is simple, but it is heat-treated in the production process to achieve the purpose of structural strengthening.

2. There are additional horizontal beams on both sides of the vibrating screen deck to withstand higher G forces.

3. The vibrating screen mesh adopts composite material frame, which has long service life and large screening area.

4. The bottom frame of the vibrating screen frame is made of stainless steel.

5. The composite damping spring is covered by rubber to prevent rust and protect the operator’s operation.

The centrifuge is a GNLW363 model with a drum diameter of 14 inches and a maximum working speed of 3200 RPM. This model is a very popular model in the drilling fluid recycling and waste cuttings market in the petroleum industry. The drum material is duplex stainless steel 2305, which has better processing performance than SS316L. The spiral is protected by a tungsten alloy, and the solid discharge port is made of a hard alloy material, which prolongs the service life of the equipment, reduces maintenance, and brings greater benefits to the user.

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Mar 31

GN Solids Control recently produced 6 sets of vacuum adsorption vibrating screen units for offshore platform projects. The customer ordered the vacuum shaker screen unit from our company for the second time. The vacuum adsorption vibrating screen unit produced by GN Solids Control was in the first time. After use, it gives the customer a very satisfactory result. This is also the desire of GN Solids Control technicians to develop new products, which can satisfy every customer.

After more than a year of field simulation experiments, GN Solids Control plans to independently develop vacuum shale shaker equipment in combination with the advantages and performance of various products at home and abroad. The company applied for domestic and foreign patents for the first time, and vacuum adsorption by GN Solids Control. The device is used on the offshore platform by installing a vacuum adsorption device under the last screen of the vibrating screen. When used in the field, a certain frequency of vacuum absorption is formed by the pulsating airflow, which can effectively improve the recovery of the drilling fluid and reduce the discharge of cuttings. The liquid content. When the offshore platform is used in the field, the customer can already use the slag outlet of the vibrating screen to install a small screen with vacuum adsorption through the external type to realize the vacuum adsorption drilling fluid recovery before the cuttings are discharged.

GN Solids Control’s vacuum adsorption vibrating screen unit is used in a wide range of applications, including oil-based mud (BOM), water-based mud (WBM), and slurry-based mud (SBM).as a good solution for mud separate system It can also be applied to land drilling rigs and offshore drilling rigs, improving the efficiency of vibrating screens for solid-control equipment, recovering drilling fluids, reducing the amount of waste, and vacuum-adsorbing vibrating screen devices to replace the processing of drill cutting screens, but at a lower cost, with almost no additional land occupation. The area meets the space requirements of the offshore platform.

The vacuum adsorption vibrating screen device has become a new product of GN Solids Control and has been widely concerned by customers at home and abroad. Welcome customers to consult.

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Mar 24

The drilling waste disposal screw conveyor is ready to be sent to the African site. The former African customers have ordered the chip dumping machine and the cuttings centrifuge in our company. At present, the screw conveyor has been tested and completed, ready to be packaged for shipment and delivery. The screw conveyors ordered by African customers are specially supplied to the on-site drilling platform for conveying waste cuttings management.

The screw conveyor produced by GN Solids Control is mainly used for waste treatment and drilling cutting of drilling fluid. The screw conveyor is the auxiliary equipment for the drilling mud solid phase separation and drying system equipment. The screw conveyor produced by GN Solids Control can be combined with other The transportation equipment is used together, and the screw conveyor completes joint transportation, separate transportation, mixing, blending, dehydration, compounding, unloading and stacking. GN Solids Control technicians use a custom designed screw conveyor as part of the waste processing system. The screw conveyor is designed to be 12 feet per section. This design of the GN Solids Control enables the screw conveyor to act as a screw conveyor. The replacement of standard consumable parts greatly reduces the convenience of customers on site. The spiral blades of spiral conveyors produced by GN Solids Control are made of wear-resistant materials to ensure their longevity is longer than the same type of products in the same industry.

GN screw conveyor can work with Decanter centrifuge and shale shaker

The screw conveyor produced by GN Solids Control is the main unit of transportation work in most industries, which can reduce the labor intensity, improve work efficiency and wide application range. Applicable to all industries, such as mud does not fall into the cuttings, building materials, chemicals, electricity, metallurgy, coal, grain and other industries, suitable for horizontal or inclined transport of powder, granular and small block materials, such as coal, ash, slag, Cement, grain, etc., a wide range of products, our company welcomes customers to inquire.

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Mar 17

The three 600GPM non-excavation mud recovery systems ordered by Asian customers have been prepared after strict production, assembly and test procedures. The 600GPM non-excavation mud recovery system is compact and easy to transport. Customers design GN Solids Control. The concept and productivity are very satisfactory. In the field of non-excavation mud recovery system generation, GN Solids Control can design product solutions according to the actual situation and needs of customers, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Our customers are very satisfied with this.

The three sets of 600GPM non-excavation mud recovery systems ordered by Asian customers are the same. The main products are vibrating screen, desilter, 40-foot standard mud tank, mixing funnel and sand pump and other auxiliary equipment. 600GPM non-excavation All equipment and electrical components on the mud recovery system are equipped with international famous brands such as Siemens, Schneider, ABB, etc. The mud-removing cyclone is made of high-wear composite polyurethane material, all equipment paints are selected from marine anti-corrosion paint, and all accessories are internationally renowned. Brand names are interchangeable. The 600GPM non-excavation mud recovery system fully meets the needs of the local market for tropical climate environment construction. On-site Asian customers can maximize the use value of each equipment during use, and achieve the best mud purification and recovery effect.

GN Solids Control has a great reputation and praise in the production of HDD non-excavation mud recovery system. After years of product design and practical experience in the field, GN Solids Control has finally made customers choose to cooperate with GN Solids Control. New and old customers come to visit the GN Solids Control factory to discuss cooperation.

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Mar 08

GN Solids Control has established good relationships with customers in Asia all the year round. The mud mixers and mud transfer pumps ordered by customers in this Asia are urgently needed on site. GN Solids Control’s employees are intensified according to the actual needs of Asian customers. It is required to successfully complete the processing test machine of the agitator and the mud transfer pump with the guarantee of quality and quantity during the delivery period. During this period, Asian customer supervision visited the site to check the production process and work progress. After the customer saw it, the professionalism of GN Solids Control products was praised and the professionalism of GN Solids Control employees was praised.

The agitator ordered by Asian customers adopts worm-worm reduction gear transmission. The shaft section is a circular-arc cylindrical worm. The turbine tooth shape is a circle conjugated with the turbine. It has the advantages of large transmission torque, stable operation and reliable operation. The agitator produced has a compact structure, a small floor space, a good stirring effect, a large stirring intensity, a wide spread range, and a reduced starting resistance distance.

The mud pump delivered by Asian customers mainly includes Centrifugal pump, vacuum pump and screw pump. The sand pump is designed for pumping drilling fluid or industrial suspension. Compared with ordinary pumps, it has excellent performance, large equipment flow, high temperature resistance on site, long service life, easy maintenance on site operators, high reliability and remarkable energy saving effect. Features. The vacuum pump transports more than 80% of the solid phase and high specific gravity materials at high speed. It is widely used in the transportation of waste mud from offshore platforms. The drill cuttings from the vibrating screen, the bottom of the sludge, the bilge cleaning of the ship, the sand, the fine sand. , and fracturing sand and other fields. Screw pump accessories are few, compatible structure, small size, easy maintenance, rotor and stator are the wearing parts of the pump, easy to replace. The screw pump stator is made of synthetic rubber and has special advantages over other pumps in transferring waste slurry of high viscosity and hard suspension.

GN Solids Control Products 60 to 80 per cent of exports in the international market, have been sold to more than 70 countries and regions, customers are welcome to come to counseling. More question,welcome contact GN solids control

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Mar 03

Nine Shale shaker produced by GN Solids Control are sent to Shandong. The nine vibration-free motor vibrating screens produced by GN Solids Control will be used for primary screening of solid drilling control systems in Shandong customers. The previous GN Solids Control has been We have had many cooperations with customers in Shandong. The customers are very satisfied with the processing effect of the ordered vibrating screen. Therefore, we have chosen to cooperate with GN Solids Control again.

The vibrating screens produced by GN Solids Control can provide different processing capabilities and customized vibrating screens according to the needs of our customers. Vibrating screens are the first-level solid-phase control equipment for oil drilling mud solid-control systems. Usually GN Solids Control can be customized according to the size of the customer’s drilling rig. Different production of single vibrating screen, double vibrating screen or triple vibrating screen. At the same time, the vibrating screen produced by GN Solids Control can also be used as the bottom vibrating screen of the desander and desilter, or as the underflow vibrating screen of the sand removing and decontaminating machine. The vibrating screen electric screen box angle adjustment produced by our company, as well as the mechanical angle adjustment for standby, the screen box sealing patent design, the sealing effect is good, the bottom frame of the screen box is made of stainless steel, the corrosion resistance and the service life are greatly improved, the vibrating screen is electronically controlled. The electrical components of the cabinet use Siemens or Schneider components.

The vibrating screen is mainly composed of a base, a screen box, a screen, a logging tank, an excitation motor, a shock absorbing spring, a control switch, and an adjusting device. Judging from the use of various types of vibrating screens used in current oilfield production, the most widely used linear drilling fluid vibrating screen has the advantages of high sediment discharge speed, horizontal installation of sand surface and large processing capacity.

GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of mud vibrating shaker screens. The mud vibrating screens are widely used in oil drilling and HDD non-excavation industries. Welcome customers to consult.

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