May 15

GN america  company ‘s desander  is  used  in  drilling fluid in the borehole after sand pump to the lower screen the first level filter to remove the large size solid particles, then into the sedimentation tank below. By the second sand pump from the tank to above desilter of the second filter, after desander  below the upper deck of the vibrating screen mesh third grade filter. After after three-stage filtration purification of liquid is clean, can through the sand pump or overflow to other sedimentation pool or storage container in order to continue to use. In addition to the mud cleaning equipment, a group of mud mixed cell installed in the side of the tank. It is in the process of purification, add the necessary drilling mud materials control mud weight.

such  as  the  trenchless technologies as well as HARD DISK DRIVE task tend to be extremely used within the city drinking water tube, sewer & air pollution manage, energy & telecommunications, essential oil & gasoline area and so on. Trenchless task as well as HARD DISK DRIVE program create some waste materials. Pre-estimates associated with quantities as well as solids manage gear will help drilling rig to lessen the actual coastline as well as reduce the actual air pollution. GN Solids Manage thoroughly specializes in the actual higher solids tools  as  the  mud  desander  is  very  import . in order to bring about the actual trenchless. Since the worldwide manufacturer, GN Solids Manage along with API & ISO accreditation produce best regular solids manage tools for example shale shaker, dirt solution, decanter centrifuge, vacuum cleaner degasser, dirt gasoline separator, up and down reducing clothes dryer, centrifugal pump motor, shear pump motor, agitator as well as auger to satisfy customers expection.

The  desander   is  used  for  the trenchless system, also called horizontal directional crossing the mud system, crown to solid control is a company specializing in the production of horizontal directional crossing the mud system manufacturers, our company engineer with more than ten years of horizontal directional crossing the mud system design and production experience, our company has a mature production process and quality control system. Recently my company to Indonesia, Singapore, Libya and other countries export several sets of trenchless horizontal directional crossing system, customers are very satisfied with the feedback. My company can according to the different requirements of customers to configure different solutions, to provide customers the best in the most economic way, crown to solid control has a reliable customer service, our company engineer will provide the satisfaction for the customer the post-sale service, and can provide comprehensive training for our customers.

The site can give you more options for choosing equipment.

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May 13

A same decanter centrifuge will work differently by different operators. Because the professional maintainence is very important to protect the centrifuge and gives the decanter centrifuge a longer operation life.Following is two reminding for handling GN decanter centrifuges.

  • 1)Protect the Centrifuge Bearing before Moving.

GN latest designed decanter centrifuge is fixed with tighten steel bracket belt to support the bowl assemly.Before moving the centrifuge, it is very important to fix the bracket under the bowl assemly by screws and make sure it is tighten enough,if the bracket can not support the bowl assembly tightly,operators can put some rubber on the steel bracket to make the bracket more tightly under the  bowl assembly. And then tighten belt to prevent the rotation of the bowl during shipping from jobsite to jobsite.
Tighten Belt
2) To start the centrifuge,operators should disassemble the supporting bracket for the bowl, and remove the tighten belt,and rotate the bowl assembly by hand before start to make sure the bowl rotation is free.

3)Lubrication should be done regularly for the centrifuge as following.
Centrifuge Lubrication
If customers have any other questions for your decanter centrifuge,please feel free to contact GN representatives.We will do our best to support you and give you solutions.

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May 12

GN Solids Control is not only professional solids control equipment supplier, but also supply different mud tanks for different functions. The size of mud tanks range from big mud tanks for oil drilling solids control system and mud plant to mini mud tanks, eg trip tank, sump tank, pill tank etc.

1) Pill tank and trip tank for solids control mud system

Pill tank is used for conditioning the drilling mud by add barite, bentonite or other heavy weight additive.  The size is about 1000x1000x1500mm. The position is placed after decanter centrifuge, fixed on the mixing mud tank. After adding heavy weight additive, the drilling mud can be mixing fully by force from Jet mud mixer with a centrifugal pump.

Trip tank is used for feeding the well when change the drilling tubes. It is generally positioned besides the shaker tank and close to derrick.

Recently, GN Solids Control just offer one sets of 1500HP rig mud system to RG Petroleum.  Pill tank and trip tank is included.

pill tank for solids control mud system

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May 09

Oil Based Mud ( OBM) is much costly in oil & gas drilling. In order to recycle and reuse the OBM discharged from solids control line ( shale shaker & desander & desilter), lower down the drilling cost and make it easy to further treatment in environmental friendly way, OBM Recycling Unit is becoming much popular for drilling contractors.  Many drilling contractor will buy one set OBM Recycling Unit for their own use or rent service from third party service company. With customer’s feedback and suggestions, GN Solids Control develop one set OBM Recycling Unit. With  the OBM Recycling Unit, your work will be simplified, effective.

GN Solids OBM Recycling Unit General Configuration

Screw Conveyor, GNSC12A-36, 2 nos

Vertical Cuttings Dryer, GNCD930LC, 1 nos

Decanter Centrifuge, GNLW363BG, 1 nos

Submersible Slurry Pump, GN50YZ20A-18, 1 nos

Telescopic Skid for Vertical Cuttings Dryer, 1 nos

Height Adjustable Telescopic Skid for Decanter Centrifuge, 1 nos

Liquid transfer sump tank, 1 nos

vertical cuttings dryer

GN Solids OBM Recyling Unit General Working Process

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Apr 28

GN drilling mud gas separator is popular in Indonesia.Many drilling contractor and supplier company in Surabaya Indonesia. Many drilling controactor specialize in project for PT Pertamina EP Indonesia ( Indonesian State oil and gas mining Company).At the moment drilling contractors are tendering for Mud gas separator, thus they would like to inquire regarding Mud gas separator that GN Solids Control manufacture with such specifications.

Qty for the mud gas separator:2 Units

Drilling Mud Gas Separator

Drilling Mud Gas Separator

Technical specification for the mud gas separator:

Separator Model Main Body

Diameter 1000mm

Wall thickness 10mm

Capacity 240-320 M3/H

Inlet pipe 4″

Output pipe 10″

Gas Discharger pipe 8″

Mud gas Separator Weight 2000 Kg

Mud gas separator Dimension 2000x2000x5860

Mud gas separators in other countries also called Poor boy degasser,Liquid-gas separators, Mud/Gas Separators, etc.GN Solids Control  designs and manufactures ZYQ Mud gas Separators. Mud gas Separators is an extremely reliable, vital piece of safety equipment for today’s drilling operations. It is ideal for use where drilling is likely to encounter large volumes of gas, sour gas or when an operator is drilling with an under balanced mud column.

GN Solids Control also manufacture the solar charged electric flare ignition device to matching the mud gas separator to burn the gas.

Solar Charged Flare Igniter

Solar Charged Flare Igniter

As part of the requirement of the tender drilling contractor are required to provide PT PERTAMINA EP with a supporting letter from GN Solids Control.

GN mud gas separator is to separate gas inside the drilling mud vent to the flare line to burn it in the safe areas.


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Apr 25

GN oilfield decanter centrifuges can be used in different applications for handling drilling mud for solids control and drilling waste management.

How to set up bowl speed for decanter centrifuge for drilling mud?

Take GNLW363 serires decanter cantrifuge for examsple, operator can set up the decanter centrifuge speed as following, it can used for following application:

PLC Decanter Centrifuge Speed

PLC Decanter Centrifuge Speed

  • Barite Recovery: Operator can run the centrifuge with G foce at range from 700-1000 G, and run the 14 inch decanter centrifuge at speed around 2000 RPM.
  • High Gravity Solids(HGS) Separation:Operator can run the centrifuge with G foce at range from 1000-2000 G, and run the 14 inch decanter centrifuge at speed around 2500 RPM.
  • Low Gravity Solids(LGS) Separation:Operator can run the decanter centrifuge with G foce at range from 1800-2300 G, and run the 14 inch decanter centrifuge at speed around 3000 RPM.

How to asjust the speed for decanter centrifuge?

The method to set up bowl speed for decanter centrifuge normally have three ways, one is to USE the VFD control system to adjust the frequency for the motors to control the speed for the decanter centrifuge, second is to use Hydraulic driven system to adjust the bowl speed and differential speed.Third, to change the centrifuge speed is to use different sizes of pulley and belt to change the speed.

GN offers decanter centrifuge for all above types to allow users to use the decanter centrifuges for different applications.

Decanter Centrifuge Feeding Pump speed and capacity.

To feed the GN 14 inch GNLW363 Decanter centrifuge, normaly we recommend to use GNG30-7.5 screw pump.The GNG30-7.5 screw pump is a positive displacement single screw pump, the capacity of the pump depends on the speed or the motor, the motor transfer the speed thru gearbox to the pump.  For example, the ration of the Screw pump is 6/1 so if the pump motor run at 60HZ, that means the motor run at 1750RPM and the pump will run at 291RPM. And if the decanter centrifuge feeding pump run at 291 RPM with capacity at 30m³/h. And if adjust the VFD to run at 30HZ, the pump speed will be half capacity, around 15m³/h.





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Apr 20

GN TBM Slurry separation equipment are optimally adapted to the requirements of the tunnelling (TBM) process and separate the drilling suspension completely from the solid particles consisting of gravel, stone and sand in various grain sizes. A powerful combination different solids control equipment of state-of-the-art shale shaker technology and Hydro cyclones with high g-forces results in deposit able excavated material.

micro tunnelling tbm slurry separation system

micro tunnelling tbm slurry separation system

GN Solids control manufacture all major solids control equipment for the TBM Slurry separation system including following:


  • TBM Slurry separation Shale Shakers for coarse solids separation.
  • TBM Slurry separation desander and desilters for desanding and desilting separation.
  • Centrifugal slurry pump for feeding to the separation equipment.
  • Mixing hoppers for bentonite mud mixing.

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Apr 12

Solids Control Unit for Civil and Underground Industry

  • Drilling mud Solids Control systems – This industry involves horizontal directional drilling rigs and Micro tunneling rigs which require it to be equipped with drilling solids control systems. So we can sell the mud solids control system package to the drilling rig manufacturer, and underground drilling contractors as well as the mud service companies who do service for the drilling contractor.

    Solids Control Unit Mining

    Solids Control Unit Mining

For this industry, we have two major advantages, first, we can do customized design with competitive pricing as required by customer. We also service the untapped civil and underground industry  with solids control equipment whereas our competitors in America may focus only on the oil gas industry, or only have prefabricated models for the customer, who will only  customized design at very high extra costs.

Mining industry Solids Control unit

  • Solids Control system -  During the exploration of the mines by drilling, the drilling contractor will need to use a mud recycling system to clean the drilling fluids and reuse the drilling fluids. Especially for diamond drilling customer, they need compact mud systems to clean drilling fluid and to separate very fine solids.
  • Small compact solids control equipment – Many companies have ignored this industry, so they did not design small compact equipment like mini shakers, mini solids control decanter centrifuge to fit this industry.

Even if our competitors have the mini solids control equipment, as they are very big companies who are not willing to make the complete customized package for the customer, like we do. GN Solids Control have already done many project for this industry in Australia, Asia and Canada which has a huge demand for such mining exploration solids control equipment for diamond drilling.


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Apr 04

GN Solids is the leading manufacturer for decanter centrifuge. They have different type centrifuge for different applications.  Recently, GN Solids just finish the CIPPE oil show in Beijing with their latest patent decanter centrifuge. On the show, many visitors come and show keen interest on GN PLC display screen, positive pressurized control panel.  Two big visitors check GN factory after the exhibition and release Purchase Orders on decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer.

decanter centrifuge

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Mar 28

To separate easily settleable solids (eg. sand or slag ) from effluent or process water, Solids separator with screw auger is required. In order to meet requirement for this field, GN Solids develop a new kinds products solids separator with screw auger.

solids separator screw unit

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