Oil Mud Separation

Drilling mud (drilling fluids) is used to Remove cuttings from well; Suspend and release cuttings; Control formation pressures; Seal permeable formations; Maintain wellbore stability; Minimizing formation damage; Cool, lubricate; and support the bit and drilling assembly; Transmit hydraulic energy to tools and bit; Ensure adequate formation evaluation; Control corrosion (in acceptable level); Facilitate cementing and completion.drilling fluids(drilling mud) is pumped from the surface through the hollow drill string, exits through nozzles in the drill bit, and returns to the surface through the annular space between the drill string and the walls of the hole.oil-mud-separation

Linear motion shale shaker

The drill bit grinds rocks into drill cuttings, which are entrained in the mud flow and are carried out to the surface. And we separated the mud from the solids to make the mud return to the recirculating mud system.

The liquid mud passes through the shale shaker screens and is recirculated back to the mud tanks from which mud is withdrawn for pumping downhole. The drill cuttings remain on top of the shale shaker screens; the vibratory action of the shakers moves the cuttings down the screen and off the end of the shakers to a point where they can be collected and stored in a tank or pit for further treatment or management.

Then the drilling mud come to desander and desilter, and the drilling cuts are separated with the hydroclones.

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