nti -spray drilling liquid shale shaker and cleaning device sold to famous Drilling Company

     Last week, GN Solids Control provided three well -known drilling companies with three anti -splash drilling liquid shale shakers and a mud cleaner. Meet the requirements for environmental protection treatment of mud.

1. GN drilling liquid shale shaker

     GN shale shaker use OLI or Martin motor in Italy, and Electric components use Siemens Schneid. The negative load design, the overall heat treatment of the sieve box, the maximum vibration strength can reach 8.0g, which meets the use of various operating conditions. Shale shaker is mainly used for first -class separation, separated solid particles with more than 100um, and at the same time, the number of sieved particles can be adjusted by regulating the number of mesons of the shale shaker. The assignor allocates the mud to the two shale shakers at the same time to increase the processing amount. The shale shaker of this supply has an anti -splash design to effectively prevent the material splashing, reduce the waste of mud, and protect the on -site operating environment and meet the needs of the owner.


2. GN mud cleaners

     The GN mud cleaners is a tight processing device. It is equipped with a sand removal and mud device on the shale shaker to form a compact integrated module. Compared with the use of shale shakers, sand removal and mud device, it saves a lot Use space and facilitate transportation. The mud cleaning device provided to customers is equipped with a 10-inch sand removal and a 4-inch mud removal flow. The sand removal can be separated from 40-60um solid particles. The above solid particles provide guarantee for subsequent mud recovery or the use of centrifuge.

      GN Solids Control is a professional solid liquid separation processing equipment supplier. The main parts of its production such as shale shaker, mud cleaners, centrifugal pumps, and snail centrifugal machines are widely used in drilling solution treatment. GN Solids Control also provides other solid -liquid separation devices in addition to providing shale shakers and mud cleaners. If you have this need, you are welcome to contact GN Solids Control.

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