Mud Treatment System is sold to non -excavation engineering customers

GN Solids Control is a professional mud processing equipment manufacturer. It has been committed to providing customers with high-quality mud purification solutions for many years. Recently, our company has successfully customized a set of GNMS-1000D mud mud treatment equipment for the top pipe customers in Singapore. And customized a set of GNMS-500D mud purification device for South Africa’s level orientation.

1. GNMS-1000D mud system

The GNMS-1000D mud system belongs to the GN Solids Control independently developed and produced mud treatment system. It is mainly used in mud purification and recycling in non-excavation industries. It is not equipped with slurry and mixed mud. The demand for mixed mud needs to be equipped with mud jars and shooting slurry devices alone. The GNMS-1000D mud processing system has a processing amount of 240m³/h. This system is equipped with a GNZY705E-Y2S mud purification all-in-one. The sand removal uses 2 10-inch desander, which can effectively extend the service life. The system paste pump uses a 45kW GN Solids Control Centrifugal Pump GNSB6X5C-13J.

 2023 Mud-Recycling-Unit-1

2. GNMS-500D mud purification system

The GNMS-500D mud purification system also belongs to the GN D series economy mud treatment system. It does not have the function of mixed mud and storage mud, and the relatively small processing volume is 120m³/h. The machine uses a 10-inch polyurethane rotor, and the slurry pump uses a 30kW GNSB5X4C-13J Centrifugal Pump.

In addition to the D series economy mud treatment system, GN Solids Control can also provide customers with B series high -style mud purification systems. The B series high -profile mud purification system integrates mud purification and recycling, storage and mud mixing functions, and mud mixing functions. It can increase multi -level purification treatment equipment to meet the needs of high -end and medium and large rigs. If you have relevant needs, please contact us.