Mud Mixing/recycling system for Oil/HDD/Drilling

We got an inquiry for Mud Mixing/recycling system  for Oil/HDD/Drilling

Looking to buy Mud Recycling system specs like below:

Mud Recycling System

Mud Recycling System

Output: Up to 350 USgpm (1300 litres/min)
Cut Point: 16 microns
Capacity: 4000 US gallons (15,000 litres)
Pumps: Three 3 x 4″ centrifugal pumps with approx 22kW motors
Power: Integral control panel for all electrical functions.
Please quote price CIF Mumbai, India or Kolkata, India.

About GN Drilling Mud Systems/Mud mixing Equipments

GN Solids Control Mud delivers a wide range of modern, innovative and cost-effective mud systems and equipment for both on- and off-shore applications. Each piece of equipment is designed and manufactured with a strong focus on quality, reliability, flexibility, and ease-of-use.

An effective and reliable mud recycling system is a fundamental part of any modern drilling application; from mud mixing to mud treatment, low pressure and high pressure mud equipment, bulk storage to mud system control, TTS Sense Mud offers a full range of quality solutions designed to add value to your drilling project.

GN Drilling Mud equipment is custom-designed to individual project requirements and manufactured to the most rigorous standards, providing our customers with safe, cost-effective and reliable mud mixing, for oil gas drilling,Horizontal directional drilling.

Our Equipments for this Mud Mixing/recycling system of Oil/HDD/Drilling

S/n    Description    Quantity    Unit
1,    ZS63×125-3  Shale shaker 1
2,      ZQJ100×6 Mud cleaner 1
3,      SB4×3-13 Sand pump             1
4,      LSB4×3-13 Sand pump 1
5,      Mud Tank  6000×2500×2900mm    1
6,      Jet mixing hopper 1

Welcome to contact us for more customized  Mud Mixing/recycling System  for Oil/HDD/Drilling

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