Liquid Mud Plant manufacturer

Liquid mud plant(LMP) is a big project which is built for mixing, treating and storing expensive invert oil emulsion mud. The Liquid Mud Plants are able to store and supply liquid chemicals such as Oil Base Mud, Base Oil and Water Mud to meet the demands for deep and ultra-deep offshore drilling activities.

liquid mud plant in China

liquid mud plant in China

GN can provide rectangular mud storage tank for the liquid mud plant, also with the mud agitator, mud gun and centrifugal pump/transfer pump, mud mixing hopper installed on the mud tank. We can make customized pipelines to connect the tanks with further equipments. Some liquid mud plants may include some solids control equipments like below:

1 shale shaker with feeding pump

2 decanter centrifuge with feeding pump

3 transfer pump/mixing pump

4 mixing/shearing hopper

5 mud agitator

6 mud gun

7 water pump (for water storage tank)

8 cutting collection box

Plus, the electric motor and control panel can be comply with ATEX explosion proof or IEC Ex explosion proof or US standard, and we can make it mobile liquid mud plant. Welcome to contact GN sales for customized solution.

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