linear motion mud cleaner


A SCOPE & APPLICATION of  mud cleaner:

This specification covers the minimum requirement for procurement of the complete unit of Linear Motion Mud

Linear motion mud cleaner

Linear motion mud cleaner

Cleaner to remove fine drilled solids or silts from the drilling fluid by a combination of hydro cyclones and screening, operating continuously at specified rated conditions

Linear motion shale shaker  GENERAL FEATURES:

1.   Linear Motion Mud Cleaner Unit (LMMCU) shall be new & of recent manufacture (not older than one year on the date of shipment/inspection whichever is later).

2    Any item not included in the specification and considered as necessary insurance for ensuring the operation of the mud cleaner shall be included in the supply list & quoted separately in the offer.

3     The details of repair procedure & standard recommended practices to be incorporated in O & M Manual.

4.   Manufacturer to be provide operational spares for continuous duty operation of 01 year along with their part numbers & quantity in the Offer of mud cleaner for solids control system

5    Manufacturer to ensure that mud cleaner shall have minimum of 10 years design life under specified operating conditions.

Matching shale shaker of the mud cleaner should be linear motion shaker.

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