Hydraulic Lifting and Descending 1000GPM Mud Cleaning System to Australia

Austrialia is a good market for no-dig drilling project and has a large demand on no-dig drilling equipment. From year of 2010, GN Solids exported complete many sets of mud cleaning system there. So far, GN Solids is well known locally and awarded good reputation.

As China leading manufacturer of solids control system, GN Solids focus on customer’s requirement and always offer the best equipment. Recently, we just dispatched one set of hudraulic lifting and descending 1000GPM mud cleaning system to Australia. The system equipment configurations as below:

  • two sets of mud tanks,
  • 2 pcs of shale shaker
  • 1 pc of Mud Cleaner with desliter cones
  • mud agitators, mud hoppers, mud guns etc.

GN compact mud cleaning system is widely used in horizontal directional drilling, coalbed methane drilling, diamond drilling, water well drilling, pile drilling etc. With mud cleaning system, the constrction can lead to less pollution on environment and make full use of drilling material.

mud cleaning system

Generaly configuration of  GN compact mud cleaning system

  • Mud cleaning tank, mud mixing tank and mud storage tank, with all necessary accessories like handrails, walkways, ladders, manholes etc.
  • First phase separation equipment : Shale shaker ( above 100 microns)
  • Second phase separation equipment: desander ( 45 to 75 microns)
  • Third phase separation equipment: desilter ( 15 to 45 mircons )
  • Fourth phase separation equipment: decanter centrifuge ( above 2-5 microns).
  • Relative equipment: mud agitators, mud guns, mud mixing pump and mud transfer pump etc.

mud cleaning unit

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