GNOST-15 Oily Sludge Treatment Complete Equipment is Sold to Chinese Customers

Oily sludge treatment plants from GN Solids Control are mainly used to treat oily sludge from drilling platforms, refineries and tank bottoms. It is specially designed for the treatment of oily sludge with high viscosity and high solid content. After being separated by the treatment system, three products of oil, water and solid can be obtained.

Last week, GN Solids Control provided a customer in China with a complete set of oil sludge treatment equipment, model GNOST-15. Its main configuration includes:

1. Shale Shaker

The vibrating screen produced by GN Solids Control can separate larger solid particles from the diluted sludge. This system uses GNZS594F Shale Shaker, with 4 screens, large screening area, long screening time and good separation effect. The solid phase liquid content is low. At the same time, it has anti-splash. In order to prevent the material from adhering to the screen surface and causing poor screening effect, Shale Shaker is also equipped with a spray system, and the liquid phase after screening falls into the collection tank below. The matching Shaker Screen is also produced by GN Solids Control and conforms to the API RP 13C standard. It is not only used by many domestic companies, but also the screen mesh produced by GN Solids Control is often used in the vibrating screen of well-known foreign brands.



2. Two-phase decanter centrifuge

The sludge after screening by Shale Shaker enters the two-phase decanter centrifuge for separation. After separation, the oil content of the solid phase is less than or equal to 5%, and the liquid phase is mainly oil and water, and also contains a small amount of solid phase. GN Solids Control two-phase decanters have the following features:

a. Drum material: duplex stainless steel 2304; screw pusher: duplex stainless steel 2205;

b. The main bearing is lubricated with thin oil, the running state of the bearing is better, it can reach a higher speed, and it is equipped with a lubrication protection system, which can still provide lubrication for 5~10 minutes after a sudden power failure;

c. A shock absorber is installed under the motor to avoid the influence of vibration between the motor and the centrifuge host;

d. The upper cover of the collection box adopts a double-layer structure and is lined with sound insulation cotton, which reduces the noise of the centrifuge;

e. The collection box is equipped with a flushing pipe, and the customer can flush the collection box if necessary;

f. It is equipped with scraper and end scraper to prevent the drum from being worn, and a slag retaining ring is installed to prevent the solid phase side of the collecting box from blocking the material;

g. Variable frequency drive, the speed can be adjusted according to the actual situation to adjust the processing capacity.

3. Three-phase decanter centrifuge

The liquid phase processed by the two-phase decanter centrifuge is pumped to the three-phase decanter centrifuge, and three phases of oil, water and solid are obtained after being processed by the three-phase decanter centrifuge. Among them, the purity of oil products can reach up to 97%.

The oily sludge treatment system designed by GN Solids Control is of great significance for waste treatment, and can be used for reduction treatment while recovering a large amount of oil. Energy saving and emission reduction, waste utilization, and efficient recycling are in line with the current global trend of requirements for the environmental protection industry.

If you have any requirements for oily sludge treatment equipment and solutions, you are welcome to contact GN Solids Control.

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