GN various electric motor pumps for different application

GN Solids Control is mainly focus on solids control equipment manufacture and drilling waste management manufacture. Pump, as system transfer part, make the total system to be active.

GN Solids Control equipment including: shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, centrifuge, screw pump, centrifugal pump, submersible slurry pump, mud hopper, mud agitator, mud gun, mud tanks et.

GN drilling waste management equipment including: vertical cuttings dryer, screw conveyor,  waste management centrifuge, High G dryer shaker, solidification unit, fixation unit, flocculent unit, dewatering unit, thermal desorption unit etc.

GN various pumps including: GN Screw pump, GN centrifugal pump, GN shear pump, GN submersible slurry pumps etc.

1) GN Screw pump:  This pump is ideal pump for feeding decanter centrifuge. It is displacement pump without agitating the drilling mud when feeding. We can offer China brand screw pump with lower price, as well as Germany brand screw pump with much better working performance and longer lifetime. Price of Germany brand screw pump is higher than the first one.

screw pump

screw pump

2) GN centrifugal pump: This pump is used for feeding the desander cones & desilter cones in drilling mud system. It can also be used with mud hopper, to circulate the drilling chemicals and mixing the chemicals.

2015.11.20 centrifugal pump

centrifugal pump

3) GN shear pump: This shear pump is used with mud hopper, shear the big particles mud chemicals and make it proper for use in drilling mud property adjustment. One centrifugal pump is generally positioned besides the shear pump, one for shearing hopper, one for mixing hopper.

2015.11.20 shear pump

shear pump

4) GN submersible slurry pump: GN slurry pump can be put into mud pit, to sucking the mud in pit and feeding solids control shale shaker / mud system.  This slurry pump is very popular in HDD compact mud system.

2015.11.20 submersible slurry pump

submersible slurry pump

Except the pump itself, GN Solids Control can also offer electrical control starter. Generally, we recommend clients buy the control starter together with the pump for turnkey solution.

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