GN Solids Decanter Centrifuge Different Applications

GN Solids is the leading manufacturer for decanter centrifuge. They have different type centrifuge for different applications.  Recently, GN Solids just finish the CIPPE oil show in Beijing with their latest patent decanter centrifuge. On the show, many visitors come and show keen interest on GN PLC display screen, positive pressurized control panel.  Two big visitors check GN factory after the exhibition and release Purchase Orders on decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer.

decanter centrifuge

14inch decanter centrifuge

GNLW363 series centrifuge is 14inch in bowl diameter and 50inch in bowl length. This centrifuge can be used as many functions as below.

1) barite recovery which need rotation speed around 2000RPM with G-Force around 700 to 1000;

2) fine and ultra fine solids separation which need rotation speed around 2500RPM with G-Force around 1000-2000

3) Zero-discharge centrifuge , which worked with dewatering unit, need rotation speed around 3000RPM with G-Force around 1800-2300

GNLW363 series centrifuge have fixed speed type and variable speed type; luxuryconfiguration model and economic confifugatoin model ; the customer may choose as per actual usage.

18inch decanter centrifuge

For customer only want use the centrifuge for barite recovery, which need to be put on mud tanks, following desilter or mud cleaner, GNLW452 series centrifuge should be optimal choice.

GNLW452 seris centrifuge is single motor driven centrifuge, can lower production cost for manufacturer and can save power energy for customer. This centrifuge is pretty cost-effective, fixed speed, single motor driven, small carbinet control panel, and much lower price.

22inch decanter centrifuge

For customer has higher requirement on centrifuge treating capacity, GNLW553 series centrifuge should be take into consideration.  This series centrifuge could be used for depth oil well fast drilling, higher mud volume treating from Tunneling projects.

GNLW553 series centrifuge only variable speed type available. As the main motor 90KW=120HP,  and back drive motor 37KW=50HP. It is very hard to start if not variable speed from 0 to 2500RPM

Worthy of the name, leading decanter centrifuge manufacturer and solids control equipment manufacturer, GN Solids centrifuge are working in all over the world with year sales amount over 150 sets. Should you have any requirement, pls contact GN Solids for commercial proposal or technical proposal.

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