GN Solids Control solid vacuum pump send to offshore drilling platform

Recently, GN Solids Control GNSP-40B series solid vacuum pumps and GNSP-20B series solid vacuum pumps have been sent to certain offshore drilling platforms. Due to its strong conveying capacity, high work efficiency, low equipment failure rate, simple operation and maintenance, etc., it has been favored by customers such as PetroChina and CNOOC. How can this equipment also be used to clean cabins, clean mud tanks, transport and convey, and cast cuttings , Cleaning platform and many other uses.

This project’s GN Solids Control GNSP-40B series solid vacuum pumps, also called pneumatic conveying pumps, are also called solid vacuum pumps because they can use the internal vacuum pressure of the equipment to transport materials with high solid content. The designed single unit processing capacity is 40m3 / h, and the gas supply demand is 17m³ / min.


GN Solids Control GNSP-40B series solid vacuum pump has the following characteristics:

1. High-efficiency Venturi device can generate vacuum of up to 85Kpa / 25 inches of mercury under the action of strong airflow, absorption maximum distance 50m, and emission maximum distance 1000m

2. There are no moving parts and wear parts inside the equipment, the maintenance cost is low, and the maximum granularity of the conveyed material is 75mm;

3. The pump body has a compact structure and a small volume. The weight of the equipment is 892Kg, which is about 2.6 square meters.

4. Equipped with high-quality control box to meet the use conditions of various working conditions.


The vacuum pump is mainly an idealized equipment for conveying solid and liquid materials with high solid content and high viscosity. The main working sites are: abandoned oil sludge ponds in oilfields, base rock cuttings while drilling, oil sludge from oil refineries, weathered sludge from oil fields, fracturing Oily sludge such as liquid oil sands; municipal sludge, building sludge, piling shield sludge, river dredging sludge, and other high solid content sludge; sand, stones, mine slag, and other solid particles

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