The Houston Oil and Gas Exhibition (OTC) began in 1969, during the boom period of the American oil industry. The original intention of OTC is to provide a platform where practitioners in the oil and gas industry can communicate, learn, and establish connections with each other. Over time, OTC has gradually developed into one of the world’s largest oil and gas exhibitions, attracting tens of thousands of visitors and exhibitors from all over the world every year.

The annual OTC exhibition is held at the George Brown Convention Center in Houston for about a week. The exhibition covers all areas of the oil and gas industry, including exploration, development, production, processing, transportation, storage, etc. At OTC, exhibitors can showcase their new products, new technologies, and new services, have in-depth exchanges with industry insiders, establish contacts, and expand business. In addition, OTC also holds multiple forums and seminars to allow industry experts and scholars to conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges on hot issues in the industry.

Exhibit industry scope

Mechanical equipment exhibition area: oil well drilling, welding, oil tank equipment, lifting, hoisting, lifting, insulation, refrigeration, ventilation, remote monitoring, repair, maintenance and other equipment; generators , oil dispensers, turbines, turbines, steam turbines, impellers and other machinery; valves, pumps, compressors, fans, air separation equipment, vacuum equipment, jacks, boilers, furnaces, pressure vessels, cooling machines, flanges , pipes, hoses and their connecting devices, industrial explosion-proof products, industrial power supply, electric transmission devices and their assembly, and various supporting equipment and chemical machinery, etc.

Exhibition time: May 06~May 9, 2024
Exhibition location: NRG Center, Houston, Texas, USA

GN booth number: 1926

The physical exhibits we have on display include:
1. Negative pressure vibrating screen
2. Drilling fluid centrifuge
3. Mobile solid vacuum pump
4. Drilling fluid vibrating screen

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