GN Drilling mud processing Equipments

Instead of a collection of equipment from various sources, the GN Drilling mud processing  is a field-proven network of solids-control components specifically designed to function as a single unit.

Download driling mud processing equipments now:Solids control equipments system

Benefits of GN Drilling mud processing Equipments
1.    Increased drilling penetration
2.    Increase drilling bit or back reamer life
3.    Reduce mud cost
4.    Reduce triplex mud pump, mud motor & surface equipment maintenance cost.
5.    Reduced clean up & haul off or disposal cost

These benefits are the result of planning prior to boring and are accomplished through the use of properly designed, sized and operated solids removal equipment. It is the responsibility of the boring crew to become

knowledgeable in the proper use of the equipment; otherwise the potential benefits may be reduced or nullified.

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