Geothermal mud cleaning system

The mud cleaning system produced by GN solids control is widely used for horizontal directional drilling , water welling drilling ,coal bed methane, geothermal hole and mining diamond core drilling , it is used to separate the drill cuttings from the mud, so that the clean mud can be re-circulated to continue the drilling process.

As the Geothermal drilling usually close or inside the downtown, this requires the mud system to be compact with less footprint and user friendly with less noisy. Also Geothermal well drilling sometimes require high capacity performance for deep wells. Below is the jobsite photo of mud cleaning system for geothermal drilling, which is produced and commissioning by GN solids control.              

Geothermal mud cleaning system

Geothermal mud cleaning system


Like water well drilling, mud rotary drilling is also the desired method for installing geothermal loops. As the bit penetrates the soil, it creates smaller fragmented pieces that are called drill cuttings. The mud carries these cuttings to surface to create an open hole from the top down to the bottom. The drill cuttings are collected into a mud pan or settling pit on surface and then the mud is re-circulated to continue the drilling process.

You should remove all the undesirable drill solids and send a clean mud carrying new cutting up and out of the hole. Settling pits can not settle these cutting fast enough to allow you to drill multiple holes a day. The GN mud cleaning system can remove cuttings from the mud fast and keep your drilling on schedule. On geothermal projects site maintenance is just as important as getting the loops to the bottom. The mud cleaning system ( mud recycling system) produced by GN solids control will keep your jobsite clean by removing dry cuttings and leaving the fluid to be used for drilling.

If you need a compact design for your geothermal drilling mud cleaning system, pls contact GN solids control for support.

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