Fully hydraulic driven centrifuges and solid vacuum pumps are sold to the African market

As a well-known domestic solids control equipment manufacturer, GN Solids Control not only has excellent production and processing capabilities in solid-liquid separation equipment, but also performs well in conveying equipment.

Last week, GN Solids Control delivered 2 fully hydraulic driven centrifuges and 2 solids vacuum pumps to the customer.

1. Full hydraulic drive centrifuge

GN Solids Control and the well-known Swiss centrifuge hydraulic drive system brands Viscotherm and ROTODIFF jointly developed a fully hydraulic drive centrifuge to meet the high standard needs of domestic and foreign customers. The rotary drum and the pusher are driven by the hydraulic drive system through two oil circuits to drive the ROTODIFF motor and the rotary drum. The advantages of a fully hydraulically driven centrifuge make it useful for the separation of heavy slurries in high temperature environments. During the operation of the centrifuge, the drum speed and the screw differential speed can be independently and continuously adjusted manually and steplessly. The compact single skid structure makes it easier to install in the field.



2. Solid vacuum pump

The unique structural design of the vacuum pump enables it to operate in a difficult environment with low maintenance rate, and can transport solid, liquid or solid-liquid mixture and high specific gravity materials with good fluidity at high speed. Its working principle is that the high-efficiency Venturi device generates up to 25 inches of HG vacuum to suction the material under strong airflow, which is a pure pneumatic device. The pump body has a compact structure and is suitable for conveying high-density materials. Mainly used for ship bottom cleaning, tank bottom cleaning, cuttings transportation, mud and tail slurry transportation and animal manure, etc. The supply models are GNSP20B and GNSP40B each. The treatment capacity is 20m³/h and 40m³/h respectively, and the suction and discharge distances are 50m and 500m respectively (take clean water as the standard for reference).

GN Solids Control has delivered various solids control equipment and conveying equipment to domestic and foreign customers for many years, and has won many high-quality praise from customers. If you have any inquiries about equipment needs or solutions in this regard, please contact us.

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