drilling waste management / oil sludge treatment / Oil tank refineries cleaning

GN Solids Control is supporting company for oil gas drilling & drilling waste management field. As leading manufacturer for solids control equipment & waste management equipment, every year we give best support to over 10 big projects in domestic market and over 10 sets big projects in overseas market.  GN mud centrifuge, Vertical cuttings dryer, solidification unit, Thermal Desorption unit are the key equipment for drilling waste management / oily sludge treatment.

Recently, we have one overseas customer with 4 projects requirement:

– 1st Project:

Treatment of old drill cuttings waste pits – 3000 M3/ waste pit (mixture of OBM & WBM) using solidification process or by a better treatment process such s Thermal Desorption process.

Client Goal: OOC < 5%

GN proposal: we offer 1 sets solidification unit to reach client goal.

2015.07.17 solidification unit

 – 2nd Project:

Treatment of OBM cuttings (on line) just after discharge from vertical cutting dryer & decanter centrifuge.  Client Goal:  Zero waste

GN proposal: we offer 1 set Thermal Desorption Unit to reach client goal.

 – 3rd Project:

Treatment of waste pits with OBM concentration of 20 – 30 % OOC after segregation (waste pits capacity 1400 – 1700 m3)

Client Goal: OOC < 5%

GN proposal: we offer 1 set vertical cuttings dryer and 1 set decanter centrifuge to reach client goal.

 – 4th Project:

Oil tank refineries cleaning and light oil sludge treatment

Client Goal:  1)  Crude oil recovery  2) Sediments Oil free  : OOC < 5% 3)   Clean water: MES (< 20 PPM)  5) Hydrocarbone (< 5 PPM) 6)  PH (6-6.5)

GN proposal: we offer 1 set Thermal Desorption unit to reach client goal.

decanter centrifuge for drilling

GN Solids Control drilling waste management equipment quality is already verified by International oil service / drilling service companies. Like we have jobsite in Russia with GN vertical cuttings dryer & centrifuge, the customer is Baker Hughes. They give us very good praise of the performance. We also have jobsite in Shell, where the vertical cuttings dryer show high quality performance…….If you need any support, pls contact us freely.

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