Drilling Fluid System

Mud rotary drilling is popular in wellbore drilling, offshore works, well drilling, Horizontal directly drilling, mining, geotechnical. Drilling fluid system is one very important part of the drilling work. The two main parts of the drilling fluid system is the actual drilling fluid and the solids control equipments, to separate the cuttings from the drilling mud at the surface, and circulating water based drilling fluid.

hdd drilling fluid system
As we all know the quality and charactor of the drilling fluid effects the drilling works. The viscosity, density, fluid loss control, sand content, gel strength, and so on. The drilling fluid system is used to control them.
If not use the drilling fluid system correctly, effiently, there must be some trouble. High fluid density causes pressure in the formation of the borehole. This pressure drives the drilling fluid through the filter cake into the formation, leads to excessive drilling fluid loss to the formation, and extends well development time required to remove the mud from the formation. As the fluid density increases, the pressure required to move the fluid up the borehole also increases, leading to high mud pump pressure requirements.

High solids or sand content also leads to significant abrasion in the drill tooling as the fine particles are recirculating through the mud pump and drill string. Washed out drill strings and mud pump valves/seats, along with leaking swivel packing, are caused by the recirculation of sand through the system. If the gravel pack is emplaced in the annulus through drilling fluid with a high sand content, the fines will be entrained in the gravel pack leading to increased well development costs and reduced well yields.

GN Solids Control can supply high qality products, effeciently control the all factors for drilling fluid system, to keep the drilling work operating efficiently.

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