Drill cuttings treatment equipment sold to the African market

In the GN Solids Control assembly shop, a set of drill cuttings solidification equipment is ready for shipment to the GN Solids Control customer site. Cuttings solidification equipment is the most ideal equipment for water-based cuttings processing. GN Solids Control This device has been upgraded several times since its first release in 2014. The better design and easier installation make this device more and more popular with customers.

How GN Solids Control drill solidification equipment works

GN Solids Control curing equipment is mainly used as the final stage processing equipment in drilling and cutting management system. It collects the waste debris discharged from the mud recovery equipment and mixes it with coagulant and desiccant to make the waste debris into water-insoluble compounds so that toxic chemicals and heavy metal ions will not penetrate into the soil and underground. Water mixed.

Optimized Design of GN Solids Control Drill Cuttings Solidification Equipment

1. GN Solids Control changed the design of one skid and divided the whole device into two skids. This gives users the flexibility to position the system on site and each skid will be easier to transport. The two slide rails are connected using steel bars to maintain the distance and stability of the entire system.

2. The curing agent and desiccant are stored in the separation tank, which is easy to operate and can be accurately added to the mixing cabinet. The cabinet has a liquid inlet that can be connected to a hose for other types of chemical injection.

3. In order to ensure uniform stirring, water spray pipes and nozzles are also installed on the mixing cabinet to prevent the materials from being too dry to stir. The spray hose can also be used for flushing after use.

4. The mixing cabinet has observation and maintenance openings from which the operator can perform maintenance. A limit switch is installed on the cover of the observation port to prevent the machine from running without closing the cover.

GN Solids Control drill cuttings curing equipment can be used to treat drill cuttings from primary drilling fluid shale shakers, cyclones and decanters. For more information, feel free to contact GN Solids Control.

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