Decanter Centrifuge Working in Mud System

Decanter Centrifuge has different functions when it works in different conditions.  As for oil and energy field, we usually use decanter centrifuge for mud system and drilling waste management. GN Solids has many years experience in manufacturering and sales. We have exported many decanter centrifuge to over 60 countries and areas. So far, GN Solids has established some branches to support the prosperous areas, like branches in USA, UAE, Australia, Russia.

Decanter Centrifuge

Let’s have more understanding of Decanter Centrifuge during different work conditions.

1. Decanter Centrifuge working in Mud System

For simple geologic structure, no need to lower mud density, 1 set decanter centrifuge is enough. In this case, the decanter centrifuge is only used to recycle barite from drilling mud. For complex geologic structure, the drilling  mud may contained with many small cuttings. And the density and viscosity may not proper for drilling. Then, one more centrifuge is required. This centrifuge should be with higher rotating speed.

GN Solids has different type centrifuge for choice. High speed, middle speed, low speed; variable speed and fixed speed;  Pls check GN Solids Decanter Centrifuge model list for details.

2. Decanter Centrifuge working in drilling waste management.

For drilling waste management, high speed centrifuge is more popular. You can adjust the rotating speed freely as per different drilling mud conditions. Before treated by decanter centrifuge, the drilling sludge may also need to be treated by Hi-G shaker (water based mud) and Vertical-G dryer ( oil based mud )

GN Solids Control Co., Ltd. decanter centrifuge is tested by many drilling company and mud service company.

Domestic popular ones like CNPC, SJ Petroleum, RG Petroleum, Greatwall Drilling;

International popular ones like KOC, PDVSA, PARTERMINA, ETC.



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