Centrifuge supply to the European market for mining project

Last week, GN Solids Control provided four 9 -inch snail centrifugal machines for a well -known European drilling company. This batch of centrifugal machines was preserved and delivered to customers on time. For decades, GN Solids Control has focused on the research and development and production of solid -liquid separation equipment. We have professional engineers and rich on -site experience. The combination of theory and practice has ensured that the technical advanced technology and high degree of fit on the spot. GN SOLIDS Control produces hundreds of centrifugal machines each year, of which 9 -inch horizontal snail centrifugal machines are one of the best -selling models. Most of these centrifuge machines are used for mining core drilling industries, and some are used for small laboratories for testing and testing.

GN Solids Control 9 -inch horizontal decanter centrifuge can also be called miniature centrifuge, because it is the smallest centrifugal machine we produce. Its drum is made of double -phase stainless steel centrifugal, and the performance is better; the spiral pusher is protected by a replaceable wear -resistant alloy tablet, with a long service life and easy to repair and replaced. In the case of adjustment of the dry and humidity of the material; three dynamic balance treatment before the centrifugal machine is out of the factory to ensure that the centrifuge operates stably under medium -speed and high -speed operating conditions.


According to the needs of customers, the centrifugal machines provided by the GN Solids Control have a base and bracket, so that the centrifuge can have a certain height from the ground, and the liquid can be easily stored in the mud can at the bottom.

These four focus are fixed -driven centrifugal machines, and drilling companies provide diesel generators for power supply. All systems are designed and manufactured in a compact way, reducing the area of the equipment itself, while facilitating customers to move.

In addition to the production of 9 -inch centrifugal machines, GN solid control also produces 14 -inch, 18 -inch, 22 -inch, and 30 -inch single -rolled snail centrifuge. These different drum diameter centrifugal machines will be used with shale shaker, vertical cutting dryer, centrifugal pumps and other equipment for different industries.

If you have the needs of solid -liquid separation equipment such as centrifuge, you are welcome to call the crown can be solid control.

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