BEM Mini Mud cleaner GNPJ752

GN new designed BEM mini mud cleaner, it is special for small handling capacity mud system, such as HDD(horizontal directional drilling), water well drilling, desanding unit and small workover rig mud tank system.

GN BEM mini mud cleaner GNPJ752 Features:

mini mud cleaner

mini mud cleaner

1 with 2 panel shaker screens at API 60~80 mesh size, total screen area 1.35m2

2 vibration motion: BEM( balanced elliptical motion), which is the lastest technology, BEM shaker’s treating effect is better than traditional linear motion shaker.

3 With 4” desilter cone to separate 20 microns solids, cone qty is optional, 4pcs, 6pcs, 8pcs, 12pcs, depends on the handling capacity you required.

Or with 10” desander cone to separate 75 microns solids, cone qty is optional, 1pc or 2pcs, depends on treating capacity.

4 2ea Italy Oli vibration motor 0.7HP

5 Pretentioned shaker screens are locked by wedge, which is very convenient to replace shaker screen

6 Competitive price, compared with the previous 2-panel shakers designed by GN, the new mini cleaner is much smaller, and price is much cheaper. For some clients, GNZS85-2 shale shaker is too larger, they need a mini cleaner to save money and save power.

If you need a mini mud cleaner to separate fine solids from drilling mud, GNPJ752 BEM mini cleaner will be your best choice. To see its performance, pls visit GN at CIPPE or 2012OTC. To know GN booth info in CIPPE and OTC, pls contact GN sales.


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