150gpm portable mud cleaning system

GN designed a new portable mud cleaning system(trailer mounted) recently. It is user-friendly and standard mud cleaning system for 150gpm operation.

Main features of 150gpm portable mud cleaning system


hydraulic lift mud system

hydraulic lift mud system

 Compact structure, convenient for transportation and operation.

Folded for transport Dimension: LxWxH=4000x2400x3800mm, the user did not need to disassembly any equipments or parts, just fold the walkway and hand rail to the tank before transportation from one site to another. It is very convenient.

2 Separation Point:20Microns

3 Nominal Handing capacity: 100GPM.

 How do 150gpm portable mud cleaning system work?

A: 50YZ40-10 Submersible slurry pump suck mud from the mud pit and feed to GNZS85-2 Shale shaker from the backside buffer box.

B:Shale Shaker first panel fixed with API 60 screen. Fluids from the slurry pump will flow to screens for solids screening. Fluids with particles only smaller then 250microns will go to tank 1# Compartment.

C:Shale Shaker second screen panel fixed with API 120 screen. SB3×2-12 Centrifugal pump will suck fluids from 1# Compartment and feed to 2x4inch desilter cones.The dirty mud will drops down to second screen panel for drying from the cones nipple,the cleaning fluids with particles under 20microns overflow from desilter pipe to the 2# compartment.

D:2# compartment fluids with 20microns solids separated can be feed to mud pump for drilling .

New development of GN

1 now we have a new mud cleaner to replace the shale shaker and desilter, it is with more compact structure than 2 equipments, its function equal to shale shaker and desilter, and large capacity shaker can process the drilling fluids drier, the separated solids can be shipped directly by the trailer.

2 now we have hydraulic lift mud system in production, if it is not convenient to rent a crane in the drilling site, the user can use the hydraulic lift device to lift the mud system first, then use the trailer to transport it directly.

For more information of GN mud cleaning system, whatever trailer mounted , hydraulic lift or diesel oil generator drived, welcome to contact GN sales.

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