1000HP Oil Drilling Rig Mud System with ATEX and CE Certificate Exported to Europe Drilling Company

Different country has different special requirement on drilling rig mud system for oil drilling. GN Solids Control can offer different special requirement on equipment which can satisfy most of customer’s request.   GN Solids Control can offer drilling solids control mud system with IEC EX/ATEX/CE certificate. Besides, GN can also accept BV or DNV third party inspection. Recently, we exported one set 1000HP drilling rig mud system to Europe company with CE & ATEX certificate. The mud system have configuration as below:

  • Two(2) sets Drilling Mud Shale Shaker, GNZS703HB, with customized orange color and LOGO
  • Two(2) sets Drilling Mud Vacuum Degasser, GNZCQ270A, with customized orange color and LOGO
  • Four(4) sets Drilling mud storage tank, with customized white color and LOGO

drilling mud shale shaker

This mud system is supplement to a 2000HP mud system.  The drilling contractor have some original solids control equipment which can also works, like Drilling mud decanter centrifuge,  driling mud agitator, drilling mud gun, drilling centrifugal pump, drilling mud pump, drilling mud storage tanks, drilling mud reserve tanks , drilling mud poor boy degasser, drilling mud trip tanks, etc.

The drilling contractor want to update  some products and make the whole system ready for drilling. They find GN by google and check GN facility after some times communication. After they check GN High-Tech factory with CNC machine for manufacturing, GN clean warehouse to stock solids control equipment and GN beautiful office building, they issue PO to GN on the mud system.

Conclusion 1: let’s make a conclusion on the special requirement or third party inspections.

IEC Ex Certificate:  This is electrical products explosion-proof technology standard approved by International electrotechnical society. This is the basic standard on oil drilling mud system products

ATEX Certificate:  This is electrical explosion-proof standard  forced to follow in European Union countries (EU Countries); 

CE Certificate: CE Mark is a kind of security authentication marks, it is considered to be passport for manufacturer who want to open and enter  European market.

BV Inspection or DNV Inspection: this is belong to third party inspection. The buyer can contact GN Solids Control and arrange the inspection with the help from the manufacturer.

Conclusion 2: what GN Solids Control have for the company certificate ?

API certificate: GN Solids Control is the first China private company who have got the API Q1 certificate. Up to now, GN Solids Control is the most professional in exporting of solids control & waste management equipment. They have a good control on the API certificate

ISO Certificate: This is necessary for every company, domestically or internationally. GN Solids Control have this certificate very soon after been founded.

HSE certificate:  HES is Abbreviation for Health, Safety and Environment. This certificate means the company activity is no harmful, it is health and safe for workers,  friendly for environment.

GN API & ISO & HES Certificate: http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/company/certificates/

drilling mud storage tank

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