World’s top 5 Trenchless Drilling rig manufacturers list

World’s top 5 trenchless drilling rig manufacturers list collected by GN solids control.

As a trenchless drilling mud system manufacturer, GN has designed and manufactured many sets of complete mud cleaning/recycling system for trenchless drilling rigs, mainly used for horizontal directional drilling. Here we collect World’s top 5 trenchless drilling rig manufacturers list.

trenchless drilling Mud System

trenchless drilling Mud System

1 Vermeer ( )

2 Ditch Witch ( )

3 American Auger( )

4 Astec Underground(

5 Herrenknecht (

Vermeer and Ditch Witch are well known brand in the world.

1 Vermeer rig

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing or leasing a horizontal directional drill — features, durability, support, training and overall value. But one area often overlooked is the potential resale value of the unit.
Too often contractors will overlook the potential value of the machine after its useful life in their operation is over. In addition, as more contractors utilize leasing as an acquisition strategy, resale value becomes a more important component in the purchase decision.

Vermeer has distributor everywhere in the world, you can get good after-sales service from them easily.

To see GN solids control equipments for Vermeer trenchless rigs here:

Shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, mud tank

2 Ditch Witch

Within the family-operated Ditch Witch organization is the family of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) systems, Components include the drilling rig, fluid management systems, the drill pipe itself, and integrated electronics that enable the tracker operator to disable power to the drilling unit’s thrust and rotation.

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