Shale shaker vibrating motors maintenance

GN solids control choose Italy Oli brand vibrating motor for all our shale shakers. Vibration motor is important components for shale shaker, I will introduce briefly about vibrating motor installation & maintenance.

1 How to install vibrating motor ?

shale shaker vibrator

shale shaker vibrator

 (1). Before installing vibrator, turn off and lock out/tag out all energy sources to mounting structure according to ANSI standards。

(2). If using a cutting torch or welding, test atmosphere for gas level or dust content.

(3). Make sure mounting surface is strong and flat, 0.25 mm acros vibrator feet. (This will minimize internal stress to vibrator casting when tightening mount bolts.

(4) Make sure mounting surface and vibrator are clean and free of debris, paint, and oxidation.

(5) Before installing vibrator onto mount, apply thread sealing compound to all bolts.

(6) After the vibrator has been operated for 10 to 20 minutes, check bolt torque. Tighten if necessary

2 How to  maintain  vibrating motor?

(1)Clean dust on shell regularly

(2)Before operating, must check the bolts to confirm whether there is loose or not. Otherwise, we must screw bolts tight before running shaker

(3) Inspect the cable, whether there is wear, hold down, crushing, etc.

(4) the vibration motor should be under good lubrication during operation:

Motors before fixed on shaker, the bearing is filled with SKF specific lubricate grease, the temperature range is -40 ~ 200℃

During running, every 2000 working hours user should makeup LGHP2 lubricate grease once. Every bearing can not be filled over 25.8g.

To make sure bearing operated well, we must use LGHP2 grade high temperature lubrication grease. Before adding new lubrication grease we should clean the input hole.

GN provide spare parts including vibrating motor for shale shaker, if you need any maintenance suggestion, pls contact GN solids control.

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