Two mud clean systems sent to India

Non-excavation mud clean system is an important part of the GN Solids Control system. Based on its compact structure, small footprint and high efficiency, it is widely used in mud treatment in urban infrastructure construction. As a country with rapid development of infrastructure construction, the construction of underground pipeline networks in urban infrastructure construction in India has also become very busy. Underground pipeline network construction is carried out by non-excavation companies after winning the bid, so non-excavation companies generally have multiple rigs and purification systems. Generally, each drilling rig needs to be equipped with a mud recovery system, corresponding to the processing capacity of the related drilling rig. GN Solids Control has exported multiple HDD mud recovery systems to India.

The standard non-excavation mud recovery machine system consists of mud recovery equipment, mud mixing equipment and mud collection tanks. Unlike the mud recovery device in the oil and gas drilling industry, non-excavation drilling first discharges the mud back to the mud pit on the ground, and then uses a vertically installed submerged slurry pump to transfer the mud to the mud recovery system. Purification system, Shale Shaker, Desander, Desilter, and progressive removal of rock cuttings and solid waste. This is a standard configuration. If there are higher separation requirements, we will add a centrifuge to the system as a fourth-stage processing equipment to control the solid particle diameter of the slurry at 5-10 microns.

The size of the mud tank usually depends on the size of the rig and the volume of mud that needs to be stored. On the mud tank, a stirrer and a mud gun are needed to stir the mud to suspend the solids in the mud. To configure the proper mud, a jet mixing system is needed to add chemicals to maintain the properties of the mud.

GN Solids Control high-profile mud recovery bears have different sizes and design schemes and are widely used in oil and gas drilling, non-excavation drilling, piling, TBM and other separation projects. GN Solids Control is pleased to provide you with professional products and configuration information about mud recovery systems, please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

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