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We list top China Drilling Mud Pump Manufacturer as our drilling rig mud system buyers always ask GN Solids Control to give them rig mud system package solutions.Our major clients are looking for OIL Gas Drilling & Horizontal directional drilling mud system and mud pumps.

GN Drilling mud Equipments
The Top Triplex Mud Pumps Manufacturers are:
1,Bomco Mud Pump(Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co.,Ltd),which is world famous.(High Price,Top Quality,mainly for Oil Gas Drilling)

Triplex Mud Pump

Triplex Mud Pump

2, Lanzhou LS-National Oilwell Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd
Joint Venture With USA(NOV,National Oilwell Varco).(High Price,Top Quality,Only big mud pumps,mainly for oil gas drilling)

The Medium Mud Pump manufacturers are:
1)Qingzhou Petroleum Machinery Factory CO.,LTD
Qingzhou Petroleum Machinery Factory Co., Ltd (former Qingzhou water Pump works), built in 1966, taking up 200,000 square meters field area, 110,000 square meters built-up area, with general assets of 150 million yuan, enterprise staff of 1100 people, professional and technical personnel of 170 people, and annual output of 350, is one of the three largest manufacturers of oil drilling mud pump and its accessories. The product covers various large oil fields all over the country with the home market occupation ratio reaching more than 50%, and export USA, Canada, Middle East and the former Soviet Union area. The company passed ISO9001 quality system certification in 1997 and has produced strictly according to international API Standard. Now it has become the first class networks supplier for petroleum, goods and materials to Petroleum and Gas Group Company of China.

2)Shandong Rongli Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd
Shandong Rongli Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in Qingzhou economic development zone, Shandong Province, China. Qingzhou is one of the 9 prefectures in ancient China. Our company occupies 110,000 ㎡. It’s 5 km away from Jiqing and Dongqing Highway; South borders are 309 Expressway and Jiaoji Railway, The transportation is very convenient.

Our company is a standard enterprise certified by ISO9001: 2000. The products and main parts are strictly manufactured according to standard of API SPEC. And the certificate No. is API 4F-0202 and API 7K-0130. It is a netmember company of first grade suppliers of Sinopec. Our company specializes in manufacturing petroleum machinery for the oilfields and the main products are: Drilling Rig, Triplex Mud pump, Unitized Mud Pump Package

3)Shandong Qingneng Power Co.Ltd
Founded in 1993, QNP  (Shandong Qingneng Power Co., Ltd.) is located in the Economic Development Zone of Qingzhou city, possessing $150 Million fixed assets and covering an area of 20 hectare with 60,000 square meters of building area.

Our group owns 3 companies, 1 sub-branch, 15 agents home and aboard. Our workforce is over 1200 with 16 senior engineers, 63 engineers, 122 senior technicians, 52 technicians, 2 masters and 1 doctor. And 763 of them graduated with college degree. As a technology-intensive and high-tech enterprise,   QNP specializes in R&D as well as manufacturing of steam turbine, gas engine unit, mud pump and drilling rig. Our main products include: steam turbine for power generation and industrial driving, gas generator unit, natural gas generator unit, marsh gas generator, coke oven gas generator, NF, N3NB and PZ mud pump for drilling, and NZJ drilling rig.

Their Mud Pump We have a collelege from mud pump factory,he knows about the Triplex Mud Pumps very well.

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    Real triplex operation with the ability of displaying live image, recording and replaying at the same time. Pumps Accessories

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    need top and bottom slides for national lanzhou 3n-b-500-c pump

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    PressureJet pumps are triplex (three plungers), positive displacement, triplex plunger pumps. We offer both the triplex piston and triplex plunger pumps

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    We are looking at triplex mud pumps for diamond drilling.

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    Dear sir,
    we are Rigor IPS a drilling services company,
    we are interressed to purshase new mud pumps for our operation in Tunisia.
    we will be pleased to have your quotation for 1300 hp mud pump.

    best regards

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    I would like to use a cut-out image of your triplex mud pump in our training and competency course for Drilling Supervisors. How can I get your authorization to use the cut-out photo image?

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    Looking at mud pumps 650 to 1000 HP

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    Good information about triplex mud pump manufacturer. People who are looking to buy triplex mud pump manufacturer would find it useful. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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