The importance of liquid-gas separators and electronic ignition at the drilling site

The liquid-gas separator uses hydrogen sulfide-resistant materials and liquid-liquid separators for drilling fluids to be manufactured using modern materials using high-quality materials. This equipment can effectively prevent the erosion of harmful gases carried in the drilling fluid and ultimately ensure the use of personnel. And equipment safety. When the construction is carried out, some poisonous and harmful gases carried in the drilling fluid will be carried over. Because of these reasons, the specific gravity and viscosity of the drilling fluid will be greatly deviated from the requirements for drilling; and sometimes the problem is serious. If it is not handled in a timely manner, it will cause well kicking and even blowout accidents. The liquid-gas separator can ensure the smooth progress of the drilling process when used with the electronic ignition device. The design concept of the liquid-gas separator is to separate large amounts of dissolved gas or free air mud, and because these gases expand in volume at atmospheric pressure. Therefore, in the traditional liquid-gas separator located between the choke manifold and the drilling fluid shaker, a pipe line that exclusively discharges gas is connected.

At the drilling site, the frequency of the use of liquid-gas separators and electronic ignition devices is not high, but the importance is unquestionable. Fires are fiercer than tigers, and blowout accidents not only cause major economic and property losses to the country and individuals, but also cause significant pollution to the on-site soil and surrounding environment. Its losses are inestimable.

The GNZYQ1000A series liquid-gas separator is a very good mud gas separator. The gas well drilling fluid enters the separator through the tangent line of the inlet of the separator, and the inner wall falls on a series of specially designed internal baffles, colliding and increasing. The surface area is exposed and flows downward, causing turbulent conditions that separate the gas from the drilling fluid. The free gas is discharged through the gas outlet at the top of the tank. The length of the exhaust pipe is determined and matched by the site, and is led to the safety department. The degassed drilling fluid is discharged into the circulation tank.

Solar Charged Flare Igniter

Solar Charged Flare Igniter

GN solid control The GNYD electronic ignition device can promptly and accurately ignite the toxic flammable gas emitted from the outlet of the discharge nozzle in the flash of discharge, eliminating the pollution of the gas to the environment and the damage of humans and animals. Guanneng electronic ignition device and solar panels can be configured to use solar energy for post-charge operations to achieve the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection.

GN solid control will provide you with high-quality liquid-gas separator, as a factory direct sales´╝îwe will provide competitive prices, and provide you with satisfactory after-sales technical service for oil field drilling liquid separator and electronic ignition device.

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