solids control equipments system sole(exclusive) agent

GN solids control want to find sole (exclusive) agent for our system and equipments.

I talked with gn solids control  team today.We are very glad to find  exclusive agent (sole agent) for our solids control system and products around the world.
But firstly,you purchase one solids control system from us firstly to make us understand each other well.If it goes well,then we can get into sole agent contract.
At present,if you need the draft contract of sole agent in your country.we can prepare one for you.But we sign a formal one when it is the right time to get into solids control equipments and system sole agent.

GN Solids Control

GN Solids Control

We will help you in 3 main ways.
1Marketing hellp in solids control system  and equipments
Now our company just has a E-marketing plan by using SEO (search Engine optimization),Google adwords,and some good B2B platform etc.In this way,we will get us promoted well in the internet.If we get any inquiry from Nigeria,we will send it to our sole agent to take care of it.If so,you not only have your own sources for customers,but also we will get more and more for you.You can search keywords”solids control system” or “solids control equipments” at in English,Our new
website: and are ranking well in Google.We just get started and many pages are in construction.They will rank better and better.We have professional SEO players
work for us.Moreover,if our business go well,we can give you some help in your E-marketing strategy.

2,Solids control Technique & Equipments help.
AS we have talked before.We can provide best products,and full technique helps to you.
It’s really a winwin coopertation.We don’t need to check much about the credit of our customers in Nigeria and take much time to deal with them.It’s more efficient to let our sole agent take care of the communications.Local
people serve local people,they understand each other well.And with your ability to tap the Nigeria market,we believe we will make great success in your market.

3,Other related help in China.
For example,we can help you find other related products manufacturer,we have many related products partners in China.Take rig owner for example.We can help you analyze them,and offer info. to you about them.
Pls tell us what do you think of it,and let us know if you need the draft contract for sole agent now?For any other info.Pls let us know.

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