Apr 29
GN solids control will attend Brazil Offshore Conference 2011 held in Macaé Brazil. Here we will show shaker screens for world famous brand shale shaker and for GN shale shaker.




Derrick shaker screen

replacement shaker screen for Derrick shaker screen


GN can produce the following replacement shaker screens1 Derrick FLC500


2 Derrick FLC2000

3 Brandt Cobra Family

4 Brandt VSM300

5 MI-Swaco Mongoose PT

6 Swaco ALS

7 Fluids System (FSI)

8 Kem-tron 

…and more

 GN Booth No.: 54C (TENDA 3)

Exhibition date: 14th to 17th June 2011

Conference Location: Macaé centro , Macaé Brazil 

 Macaéis a city located in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, 180 km northeast of the state capital. Macaé is generally considered to be the centre of the Brazilian offshore petroleum industry. As a consequence it is often referred to as “Cidade do Petróleo” (“City of Petroleum”). The Brazilian state-controlled oil company – Petrobras – has many facilities within the town.

 Conference introduction:

Brasil Offshore is the biennial conference & exhibition for the Brazilian Offshore Oil & Gas Industry. Held in Macaé, which is the operational base and accounts for over 80% of Brazil’s offshore exploration, the event attracted a global audience of over 49,000 professionals and 636 exhibitors in 2009.



Swaco shaker screen

replacement shaker screen for Swaco shaker screen

Who attend Brazil Offshore Conference 2011?


The scope of exhibitors at Brasil Offshore stands out for its diversity: manufacturers, importers, distributors and suppliers of a wide range of products and services related to the oil & gas offshore industry.



Recently more and more Chinese manufacturers attend this conference, they are manufactures of drilling rig, solids control equipments, drilling tools, mud pump, well control equipments, drilling waste management and other drilling related companies.

Welcome to visit GN solids control in Brazil Offshore conference, pls check with GN for more information.

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    AGR Group have three operating divisions: Petroleum Services, Drilling Services and Field Operations. As a European-based group, we have also established two geographical hubs to carry our business forward in these important regions: Asia Pacific and Americas. We operate in these areas:
    Assisting with first licence applications
    Construction and managing of drilling programmes
    Providing expertise
    Deliver technology
    Supply critical solutions
    Maintenance projects

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