Nov 17

Today,A client inquired us for Drilling rig 750 HP  Mud handling equipment

Drilling mud handling equipment

Drilling mud handling equipment

Mud gas separator (poor boy  degasser)

Capacity :  1.56 M3.

Mud Degasser handling gas in mud
1 EA. ZCQ1.5/5 Vacuum degasse
Type/size centrifugal pump: 2″X1.1/2″
Driven by electric motor
50 HZ.   –   22 KW.   –    380/660 V.

Drilling Mud system
Mud pumps
1 EA. Mud pump  –  SI PETRO.  –  CHINA.
3NB-500 mud pump
Max. flow rate: 4000 PSI.

2 EA. Mud Mixing pumps
Driven by motor : 73 HP.

1EA. Transfer pumps

SIZE : 2.1/2″ SHAFT. – 4″X3″X13″ CASING.
Driven by motor: 50 HP.

Mud tanks system
3 EA.  mud tankS
DIMEN.: 12500×3200×3100mm

Total capacity : 133 BBL.

Total capacity  : 400 BBL.
W./MISSION PUMP 2500 4″X3″X13″ – 2.1/2″ SHAFT.

Sand trap
1 EA. sand pump
capacity : 40 BBL.

Trip tank
Capacity  : 85 BBL.
W./PUMP 4″X3″X11″

1 EA. mud hanlding shale shaker.
Driven by 2 EA. Of electric motors
Max. VIB.: 35KNX2.

7 ST. Mud agitators ASSY.

Driven by motor of  : 5 HP.

1 EA. Mud hopper

1 EA.Cellar pump – WILDEN DIAPHRAM
Type : T-15

Mud bucket
Rubber size : 3.1/2″

Complete drilling mud handling equipments and system for drilling rig 750 HP

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  1. 1. SATYA DHARMAYA Says:

    Responding to our next Project that require Mud Handling System to put on our Accommodation Work Barge. We need to know how to prepare or instead to modify as necessary. Then we also need to know how much we have to spent..

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