Mud gas separator in stock

GNZYQ1000 mud gas separator is capable of handling 1000~1400gpm drilling fluids. We have 6 units of mud gas separator in stock which are all ready for shipment with painting & package, welcome to contact with our sales. Except for mud gas separator, we also have flare ignition device in stock, which usually worked together with mud gas separator for oilfield. Mud gas separator is used to separate the harmful gas from the drilling mud, then flare ignition device is used to connect to the gas discharge line of mud gas separator, and burned it , they work together to avoid “kick” situation.

According to base type , the mud gas separator can be divided into :

mud gas separator

mud gas separator

  • Fixed type
  • Elevating type

According to the bracket type, it can be divided into horizontal type and vertical type. Most of Chinese mud gas separator is vertical installed, when you need to transport it, you can lay it down , and there is lifting pad hotizontally. MI-SWACO mud gas separator is horizontal type with a skid, it is for simplifies transport, spotting and installation. Unit can lay down during over-the-road transport

There are 4 important sizes for mud gas separator, including inlet pipe( for drilling mud), outlet pipe( for drilling mud) & gas discharge line(for gas). We have our standard design for the size, but the end-user has special requirement on the pipe size, we can change the design accordingly.

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