Mud cleaner,shale shaker,desilter from China

About Mud cleaner,shale shaker,desander desilter made in  China

We Think solids control equipments from China are getting potential markets.

Decanter centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge

We keeping getting more and more inquiry for our solids control equipments.

Now we get into to sell equipments to customers around the world.

Mud Cleaner,Shale Shaker,desilter Inquiry From Australian:
Message I would appreciate a quote on teh following items
ZQJ250-100 Mud Cleaner
ZS700-3/4 Shale Shaker
ZQJ 100 x 10 Desilter

Mud Cleaner buy offer from Thailand
I am writing on behalf of the client an geological exploration company. I have come across your products as I have been looking for available mud cleaners for water-based drilling mud. What I would need to know as information now is a price of the ZQj250-100 Mud cleaner as we would need to have an order of magnitude of specific solutions.

Buy offer of shale shaker screen.
Could you please advice your price on all mesh sizes of replacement shaker screen for  Derrick FLC-2000 hook strip shale shaker screen?

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